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Interested in advertising on Ektoplazm? Whether you are promoting a festival, release, or web site, Ektoplazm offers great value for your advertising dollar.

Banner Ads

The top right banner space, displayed on every page load, is available for the following rates (all in USD):

3 months, 100% display: $1050.
3 months, 50% display: $620.
1 month, 100% display: $410.
1 month, 50% display: $250.

The % display simply means how often your banner will appear in rotation. For instance, at 50% display your banner will appear approximately half of the time. Modest discounts are available for anyone purchasing in bulk.

Compare these rates to Psyshop, Chaishop, Mushroom Meda, and Isratrance (no rates posted at present).

Banner Specs

Banner images must by 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall. Static JPGs and PNGs are fine, as are animated GIFs. The file size must be under 150k and I would not recommend an animated banner with more than three frames.

At the end of your campaign I can provide you with some statistics, namely the number of impressions, the number of clicks, and the CTR (click-through ratio).

Contact me at basilisk[at]etoplazm[dot]com for more details. I accept payment by Paypal to the same address.