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5 Recordings From DJ Basilisk’s Archives

Blog | January 12, 2012 | Updated: March 1, 2012 | Posted by Basilisk

Gathered here are five recordings that I have previously shared with my Facebook fans and Twitter followers. These recordings are not my finest; visit my DJ profile for a full listing of my best studio mixes and live recordings.

Some recordings turn out and some do not. A lot of this has to do with my approach to DJing (which relies on a certain amount of crowd engagement to really shine). I treat the set as a journey, not just a showcase of hot crowd-rocking tunes in whatever order. Moreover, the journey is entirely improvised; I haven’t planned a set in years. I step up to the decks (now a laptop and controller) and select an introduction with as little as 10 seconds to go. From that point onward anything can happen. My role is that of navigator; I chart a course through exotic dimensions of sound, but I don’t travel alone. I rely heavily on my intuition, reading the crowd for signs of where we should be going. In this sense, my sets are a “co-creation”, the result of a dynamic linkage between dance floor and DJ booth.

As great as that might sound, such an approach doesn’t always work, particularly when there isn’t a lot of energy in the space. This is often the case at small, poorly attended events where the dance floor never reaches critical mass, or during unpopular time slots, before the dance floor really starts to take off (or, rarely, long after it winds down). A few of the recordings in this post were taken under such conditions.

The other issue with live recordings is technical precision. Every DJ that takes risks will botch a mix now and then, particularly in small clubs with poor monitoring. It’s not so bad in the moment but such flaws can be magnified by repeat listening. I’ve also had some problems with pops, clicks, and gaps in the audio signal, some of which I have gotten to the bottom of, others which remain mysterious. Even if I record a great set I tend not to share it widely if there are any obvious blemishes.

Anyhow, the point of writing all of this is to explain why I haven’t released these sets before, and why I won’t be giving them a “wide release” (like the mixes on my profile). I’ve also treated this as an opportunity to share a broad outline of my philosophy of DJing, ideally so that you enjoy the listening experience a little more (and perhaps forgive the flaws that you may notice).

Alright, let’s get started…

Destination 2012

This was my “farewell set” recorded live at the Shakti Collective’s NYE event nearly two weeks ago. I wanted to round out a decade of DJing in Toronto with a retrospective set filled with classics, particularly those classics that were regular fixtures of my sets back in the day. I also looked upon it as an opportunity to play a few old tunes that I always meant to drop at some point or another but never got around to (Neuro, for instance, which is one of the songs that got me into trance in the first place). I know, the programming in this set is a bit weird. Perhaps it was the hour (I started shortly after 5 in the morning and the party had emptied out a lot) but there simply wasn’t a lot of energy to work with. This should explain some of the awkward twists and turns; it’s a tough crowd when old workhorses like these hardly elicit more than a nod and a smile! Still, I had a great time, and the technical side is relatively solid, so here it is…

Double Dragon – Soft Machine [Phantasm Records] (2000)
Psychopod – Re-Vision [TIP Records] (1997)
Space Cat & Absolum – Beam Me Up [YoYo Records] (1998)
X-Dream – Brain Forest [Blue Room Released] (1997)
Astral Projection – Life On Mars [Phonokol Records/Trust In Trance Records] (1997)
Domestic – Amateur Gynecologist [Phonokol Records/Trust In Trance Records] (1998)
Infected Mushroom – Nothing Comes Easy [BNE Records] (2000)
Pigs In Space – Visitors (Part 1) [Phonokol Records] (1998)
Cosma – Nonstop [HOM-Mega Productions] (2003)
Quietman – The Sleeper (Man With No Name Remix) [Platipus Records] (1998)
X-Cabs – Neuro [Bellboy Records] (1995)
Beast – Trouble [Twisted Music] (1998)
Atmos – The Only Process [Acid Casualties] (1999)
S>Range – Test Tones (Chromosome Remix) [Turbo Trance Records] (2004)
Tranan – Cluedo [TIP World] (2001)
Vibrasphere – Elephant [Plusquam Records] (2003)
The Overlords – God’s Eye On Goa (Ticon Remix) [Hadshot Haheizar] (2003)
Human Blue – Pocket Radio [MIDIJUM Records] (2003)
Purple & Lunar – Subtle Thrust [Transient Records] (2000)

MP3 Download | FLAC Download

WNW December 7th, 2011

I played this one at the local biweekly psytrance night, Why Not Wednesdays? At the time I figured this might be the last time I play out in Toronto (whoops, see above), so this was also a sort of retrospective set, though on a much darker tip. I really like the beginning but it gets choppy near the end, particularly when mixing Where Are You? Part of this is the challenge of mixing old school Goa trance–with its varying tempos, unpredictable structure, and indistinct kick drums–but the sound system setup at WNW (no monitors) is not particularly conducive to technical mixing to begin with. You’ll hear similar gaffes in my other WNW sets for the same reason.

E-Rection – Out Here We Are Stoned (X-Dream Remix) [TIP Records] (1998)
Dark Soho – Uine Saracomm [YoYo Records] (2000)
MFG – Brainwaves [Phonokol Records] (2001)
Tarsis – Millennium [Sub Terranean] (2000)
S>Range – Serial Overtypes [Spiral Trax] (2000)
Infected Deedrah – My Mummy Said [Balloonia Ltd.] (1999)
The Groupie Syndrome – Pacemaker [Aurinko Records] (1998)
Bubble Dragon – Hentai [Flow Records] (2003)
Spirallianz – The Fuser [Spirit Zone Recordings] (2003)
Wizzy Noise – Painful Memory [Candyflip Records] (2002)
Psychoid – In Search Of… [Unreleased] (2001?)
Cosmosis – Doors Of Perception [Transient Records] (1999)
Hux Flux – Errorhead [Spiral Trax] (2000)
Quirk – Ping (Inventive Steps Mix) [Krembo Records] (1998)
The Deviant – Where Are You? [TIP Records] (1997)
Juno Reactor – Feel The Universe (Koxbox Remix) [Blue Room Released] (1996)
Eternal Basement – Taking Place In You (Remix) [Blue Room Released] (2000)

MP3 Download | FLAC Download

Harvest 2011

Never have I been so cold as I was at Harvest this year. I really wasn’t prepared for frost and subzero temperatures nor was my laptop. After I booted up I couldn’t enter my password to log in; the keys were jammed. Panic! Eventually the system warmed up enough and I was able to gain access with about five frantic minutes remaining. My time slot was sandwiched in between techno and full-on so I began with a few dubby Zenonesque warblers. Now, did I mention that it was insanely cold? It soon became apparent that people wanted to move–and nuanced slow-burners weren’t going to cut it. Out came the silly dubstep breakdowns, booming techtrance beats, and crowd-pleasing full-on build-ups. The mixing is a bit rough around the edges at times (brr, frozen fingers don’t turn knobs well), but it worked out wonderfully considering that I nearly collapsed into hypothermia the night before. I might have properly released this were it not for some annoying gaps and other artifacts that can be heard now and then.

Grouch & Mr Squatch – Lost In The Forest [Soundkraft Records]
Product Placement – Solitude [Soundkraft Records]
Brujo’s Bowl – The Real Picture [Zenon Records]
Juno Reactor – Navras (Jayant Remix) [Metropolis]
M.E.E.O. – Wilder Beast [Mental Sauce]
Excizen – Renesans 63 [Ektoplazm]
Basic – Prima Vera [HOM-Mega Productions]
Loud – Subinya (Ace Ventura Remix)
6th Floor – Magick [Cosm Records]
Amygdala – Wintermute [Ektoplazm]
Electric Sheep – Machine [Cosm Records]
Cosma – People On Hold (Numb Remix) [Noga Records]
Electric Universe – Meteor (Slackjoint Remix) [Amplidudes Records]
Infected Mushroom – 9 [HOM-Mega Productions]
Phibian & Anti Spin – Dangerstrips [Trick Music]
Artifakt – Ulfednar [Timecode Records]
Principles Of Flight & Talpa – Queen Of The Dead [Timecode Records]

MP3 Download | FLAC Download

WNW August 17th, 2011

Another random Wednesday, another classic set. Tribal techtrance to begin with, ending with some crowd-pleasing classics. There are a few rough spots in terms of mixing–sorry about that. One thing to understand about all these WNW recordings is my attitude toward the event: it’s a small, cozy, friendly mid-week get-together. I treat it as an opportunity to fool around, play fun oldies, experiment with new ideas, and have a good time.

Ticon – We Are The Mammoth Hunters (BLT Remix) [HOM-Mega Productions] (2002)
Tetraktys – Forge [Sub Machine Records] (2003)
X-Dream – Rewind [d.Drum] (2002)
Wizzy Noise – Radical Payne [Candyflip Records] (2003)
Kiwa – Kiva Runner [Surreal Audio] (2002)
Juno Reactor – Mona Lisa Overdrive (Thomas P. Heckmann Remix) [Solstice Music International] (2006)
Juno Reactor – Nitrogen (Part 2) [Blue Room Released] (1998)
Bus – North By Northwest (Top Deck Mix) [TIP World] (1999)
Charasmatix – Equilibrism (Part 2) [Hadshot Haheizar] (2000)
Spirallianz – BP Talk [Jester Records] (2006)
Saiko-Pod & Logic Bomb – Magnetic Force [Solstice Music International] (2002)
Orion – Twisted Orbit [TIP World] (2002)
Logic Bomb – Always Choose Retry [TIP World] (2001)
BLT & Danny Makov – The Calling (Live Edit) [Tokyo Dance] (2004)
Prometheus – OK Computer [Twisted Music] (2004)
S>Range – Boom [Acid Casualties] (2000)
Cosma – People On Hold [HOM-Mega Productions] (2003)

MP3 Download | FLAC Download

WNW December 22nd, 2010

How’s this for variety? Progressive, techtrance, full-on, darkpsy, twilight, and new school Goa in one relatively cohesive journey. I love when I have a long enough time slot to really sprawl and get creative. On this particular occasion I played from opening to close and had a blast doing so. I would have played more darkpsy and forest but it never sounds right in that space. Toronto doesn’t seem to have much of a taste for it either; this has been more of a progressive and full-on town.

Onionbrain – Spice Travel [Uroboros Records]
Opsy – Majestic [Horns And Hoofs Entertainment]
Excizen – Renesans 63 [Ektoplazm]
Talpa – Melem [BMSS Records]
Basic – Prima Vera [HOM-Mega Productions]
Cosmosis – The Eternal Now [Holophonic Records]
Electric Tease – TV Is The New God (Sub6 Remix) [HOM-Mega Productions]
Laughing Buddha – Reefer Part 2 [Nano Records]
Scorb – Mutoid (Wizack Twizack Remix) [AntiShanti Records]
Joti Sidhu – Point [Neurobiotic Records]
Neural Rectifier Syndrome – Initiate [Last Possible Solution]
Dissociactive – Time Stretch [Sun Station Records]
Transdriver – Reduktor [Impulse Audio Records]
Hux Flux – Bring Your Own Bios (Wizack Twizack Remix) [AntiShanti Records]
Megalopsy – Alien Stretcher [Dark Prisma Records]
Cybernetika – Transmitter [Ektoplazm]
Poizon – Disco [Timecode Records]
Principles Of Flight – Edward To The Rescue [Timecode Records]
Wizack Twizack – Let’s Go Crazy [MMH Records]
Shift – Dirty Signal [Nexus Media]
Artifakt – Tsinat [Timecode Records]
Terrafractyl – Altered Planet [Regen Records]
Sonic Elysium – Clepsydra [Blitz Studio/Sun Station Records]
Artha – Controlled [Cronomi Records]

MP3 Download | FLAC Download

If you enjoy these recordings be sure to check out Re:Generate (2011), Eclipse (2009), Darkrave vs Panic (2009), Dreamcatcher (2008), Dark Matter 2 (2007), and Harvest (2006). Thanks for listening!

Original photo by Craig Symonds @ WNW.


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