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Digital Diamonds Reaches 100,000

Blog | November 22, 2009 | Updated: June 27, 2012 | Posted by Basilisk

Digital Diamonds

Digital Diamonds recently reached 100,000 downloads! To mark the occasion Volker has this to share about the past, present, and future of Digital Diamonds:

After nearly 3 years since the foundation in 2006, German based Techno and Techtrance label Digital Diamonds reaches the mark of more than 100.000 Downloads.

Label founders Adam and Volker are really glad about the huge acceptance of their concept and philosophy which is basically a result of the great work of the artists who release their unique music for cost-free download on Digital Diamonds. Kino Oko, Opsy, Fuzzion, Alic, Tapwatr, Nuclear Ramjet, Thompson & Kuhl and Hiroshi Oki are only a few who make Digital Diamonds diversified and massive as it is.

For the end of the year the label founders announce two fresh powerful releases. One by Float from Serbia who is well known for his music on Plusquam, Headstick and Iboga. The other one is from Deto & Gleam, a new project from Hungarian producers Péter Takács and Mark Bokay who just released their first EPs on Horns And Hoofs Entertainment and Halu Beats. And in the beginning of 2010 we await the Vol. 2 of “Digital Family” compilation. The first “Digital Family” V.A. evolved to the most downloaded release of the Digital Diamonds catalogue.

Digital Diamonds’ success is build up by the amazing support of a huge network consisting of music portals like Ektoplazm, Rowolo, Foem, friendly labels such as Soundmute, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Antiritmo, Boshke Beats and finally a big crowd of fans spreading and listening the releases all around the globe.

Congratulations to everyone involved! The entire Digital Diamonds discography is available for free download here at Ektoplazm.


  • SunStation says:

    Good stats, all the best to Digital Diamonds. Love their music a lot.

  • Phreakwincy says:

    Massive props to digital diamonds! my favorite netlable hands down.

  • Soundmute says:

    It is more then deserve even much more amout of downloads from releases of this label. Lot of great names and great talents. Its a huge honos to be one of support to label such this one. Please, never stop to be like you already are.
    Digital Diamonds future light spot for this music world!

  • BurntFrog says:

    Got every release!

    Discovering the site in 3….2…1

    Also, smell this milk.