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DJ Basilisk’s Free Music Top Ten: Fall 2010

Blog | December 4, 2010 | Updated: December 6, 2010 | Posted by Basilisk

I have been getting into the habit of compiling quarterly top tens to help visitors navigate the flow of free music here on Ektoplazm. With a new release every two or three days on average there is a lot to listen to! Here are ten songs from recent months that I encourage everyone to try out. As usual, this list is in no particular order.

Pekkanikkarinen – Behind The Veil Of Sleep [Freudian Slip Records & People Of The Butterflies]
Captivating downtempo experiments from Finland. Comparisons with Shpongle are apt but this is entirely original.

Etnoscope – Odin’s Kraft [Ektoplazm & Panzar Produktionz]
Progressive psytrance at its finest. Love the vocals in this song!

M.E.E.O. – Wilder Beast [Mental Sauce]
Suomi-influenced quasi-progressive psytrance with a manic dubstep breakdown? Brilliant!

Sonic Tickle – One 4 The Gods [Uroboros Records]
Killer techtrance grooves with saw-like leads and plenty of wobble in the bottom end. Delicious!

Setanic – Glowing Mushrooms [2to6 Records]
Forest music at its finest: oozing with psychedelic qualities and utterly entrancing. “Oh look, glowing mushrooms!”

Mukti – Monoblock [Ektoplazm]
Hypnotic, minimal, and extremely atmospheric, this is a deceptively simple masterpiece of American psytrance.

Exelization – The Paradox
Fusing old school energy with hard South African psytrance vibes, Exelization has created something that sounds to my ears like a modern blend of Ka-Sol and Etnica.

SubConsciousMind & Judith – Desperation Symphony
Soaring symphonic psytrance glazed with beautiful instrumentation. It builds to a huge climax that just goes on and on. Highly euphoric!

Ben Rama – Gypsies & Jezebels [Drumlore]
An amazing work of richly atmospheric progressive techno from Canada. Electronic dance music filled with emotion.

Perfect Blind – Syncope [Akashic Records]
Deeply enchanting Croatian chill with gorgeous melodies that remind me of an old song by the Pleiadians (Seven Sisters).

Listen to them all:

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Interested in hearing more? Check out my free music top ten from the summer of 2010.

Photo: Don Valley Bridge.


  • Finn says:

    nice stuff. i really loved ben rama’s invisible kingdom. fresh stuff – and my oh my – what smooth beats. looking foreward to more. and sonic tickle was a good listen as well.

  • illusionation says:

    Really appreaciate the top 10 lists. It’s kinda like an Ektoplazm quarterly report ;)

    Looking forward to the Winter Picks…

  • Actinid says:

    I think that “odin’s kraft” by etnoscope is one of my favourite song since i discover ektoplazm, love the vocals too !! you made a great top ten, nice vibe ens mysterious sounds ! many thx from brittany, france.


  • Bizeeeeeeeeew says:

    Oh yes Ben Rama!! :D

    Another quality photograph there too, somehow looks very techno ;)

  • ROTTERDXM says:

    I need a somewhat more mellow, down-tenpo to open my sets without really gettiing into that whole prog-as-a-frog vibe that’slll the rare these days.

    I’m not going to do an ordered list, because that way, MADNESS lies.

    I’ve found myself spinning (and my audiance shaking) t0 these producers the most:

    [b]Ben Rama[/b] of course. Such a shame he doesn’t have more releases under his belt, so I could people with his stuff more. Real tossup between track 3 “Gypsies & Jezebels” which is so driving yet smooth, but then you get track 3 and it has that funky bassssss we all love so much. Same goes for [b]Brian Burger[/b], he’s being loved to bits on the dancefloors here!

    I know I know, it’s way to early for that, but [b]Tenonaki[/b]’s ‘Roots’ is going to be one of my all time faves for this year. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching so much Batman Beyond lately, but I totally get that ‘soaring over the city’ feeling. Kickass, and very useful tracks for DJing.

    Now I know it’s been nearly a full season, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention [b]Alic’s ‘Proper Language’ EP[/b]; especially the two Excizen (Curse;Attentive) mixes. The original is relatively subdued, but mixing in one of those remixes halfway through the song gets the blood pumping :)

    And then there’s Brian Burger, and Ben Rama, and Deto & Gleam with both an EP and a full album… add some Mammal Footwork and this is a very very interesting fall/winter indeed. Thanks Ektoplazm! <3

  • Thomas says:

    Fantastic stuff. DJ Basilisk is a genius..

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