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DJ Basilisk’s Free Music Top Ten: June 2011

Blog | June 8, 2011 | Posted by Basilisk

Summer is just up ahead and I’ve been working hard to keep the free music flowing here at Ektoplazm. Actually, it has been going so well that I feel the need to bump these top ten posts from a seasonal schedule (spring, summer, etc.) to a somewhat more monthly one, starting now. I might not post a new top ten every month but I’d like the option to post more often than every three months. Anyhow, the setup is simple: listed below are ten tracks that have caught my ear in the last little while. Each and every one can be downloaded for free in CD quality here on Ektoplazm (just click the track title to be taken to the original release). You can also preview these songs with the streaming audio player to hear them all at once; merely use the little arrows to skip ahead or go back (Flash required):

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Midiskibis – Nightly Passages [Freudian Slip Records]
Uncompromisingly original psychedelic dance music from Finland. The entire album is fantastic, don’t miss it!

Zeitgeist – DNA [Glitchy.Tonic.Records]
Deeply depraved progressive psytrance experiments from the Glitchy.Tonic.Records label boss. Pure sickness.

Pick – Deep Meditation [Uroboros Records]
Gloomy, oppressive Zenonesque psychedelic progressive. A veritable mindfuck!

Lusco Fusco – Amazonia [Olotropo Records]
Extremely atmospheric darkpsy from Brazil. This will take you on a nice trip into the jungle!

Invid Mind – Woogygoo [Alkhimia Records]
Mind-scrambling strangeness from Argentina. This is not easy listening but it is certainly worth it.

Gamaliel – Red Forest [ManiacPsychoPro]
If you seek entrancing high-intensity psychedelic trance, look no further. This monster tune clocks in at 159 BPM with nearly 12 minutes of airtime while remaining extremely hypnotic for the duration.

Paranoiac – Peace From Other Space (Part 1) [Burning Trip Records]
More intriguing psychedelic music from Argentina. Not exactly dark but certainly suited for the night-time hours. Very cool.

Wizack Twizack – Pumpen [Neurotrance Records]
Bubbly, playful, and deeply psychedelic full-on from one of my favourite Swedish acts.

Trinodia – Human History [Underground Alien Factory Records]
One of the most hyped new school Goa trance releases around… and it’s very good indeed! As pointed out in the comments this has a bit of an old school Cosmosis feel to it.

Theobroma – Natural Sounds [Yo Soy Records]
The entire album is a sublime delight but I will admit an inordinate fondness for this epic 16 minute opener full of acoustic elements and progressive psytrance beats.

So there you have it. I went to some effort to highlight a few of the less obvious choices this time around, with special emphasis on the night-time psychedelic sound. I hope you enjoyed it!

Interested in hearing more recommendations from the top? Check out previous top tens from the spring and winter of 2011 and the fall and summer of 2010.

Photo: Sky Flowers IIb.


  • Xikayu says:

    Nice selection, Midiskibis, Wizack Twizack, Trinodia… but I miss Overdream… :(

  • scott says:

    hi, can u please tell me, if u can help me wid a link to ur website and the albums and tracks available…as i am abt to start my own website in a while….for trance of all kinds…
    please help me with the procedures…


    u website is amazing…..it has amazing albums and tracks….thankyou for the amazing experience……..

  • Basilisk says:

    Overdream will certainly make the list next month :) I just had a bit of a back log to get to!

  • Free Zone says:

    We Love Them All …

  • ΕΛΙΚΩΝ says:

    Sweet Selection of tracks!Thanks Basilisk!

  • Paranoiac says:

    Thanks.. :)

  • cavenug says:

    heya, good traxx. that picture psychotria alba or viridis? regardless, i have both growing in mah backyard, haha. yage too

  • goa land says:

    how can i talk with ya?,or up load my music to u?

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