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DJ Basilisk’s Free Music Top Ten: November 2011

Blog | November 24, 2011 | Posted by Basilisk

With a hint of winter chill in the air I am happy to present another round-up of some of the finest tracks posted on Ektoplazm this month. Each and every song listed below can be downloaded for free in CD quality direct from Ektoplazm; just click the track title to be taken to the original release drop page. You are welcome to preview these songs with the streaming audio player below; simply click the arrows to skip ahead or go back (Flash required):

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Onionbrain – Desert Song [Selknam Records]
Deeply mysterious progressive psytrance from a top-notch compilation.

Faxi Nadu – The Deep [Postunder Records]
Distinctly original psytrance with a highly experimental touch. The entire album is full of surprises but this track is particularly delicious.

Vertical – Plastic Plants [Visionary Shamanics]
Ultra-psychedelic forest music in the Parvati vein, literally oozing with mind-altering potential.

Glitch – Sacred Geometry [Psybliminal Records/Ritual Records]
Blazing South African psytrance with just a touch of wobble. Quality stuff for the dance floor.

Keamia – The Real World [Elephant Head Records]
This is a lovely full-on morning tune filled with passion and spirit. Keamia has made a lot of progress since he began releasing music on Ektoplazm.

Mantra Flow – Behind The Shadow [Panzar Produktionz]
Bombastic progressive psytrance with huge melodies and loads of energy, almost like full-on pitched down and beefed up a few notches.

AstroPilot – Emptiness [Sun Station Records]
Pulsating and airy, this smooth piece of deeply progressive trance hits all the right notes.

GoaHuman & Sirius – Solar System [Underground Alien Factory Records]
Downtempo Goa trance at its finest; a pleasant surprise from the prolific UAF Records.

Brujo’s Bowl – Organic Structures [Timewave Records]
I have become a huge fan of Brujo’s Bowl since he appeared on the site earlier this year. This is another great psy dub tune from this talented newcomer.

Hinkstep – Medusa [Omnitropic]
Strange, exotic, and disarming psychedelic downtempo from one of the most musically articulate albums of the season.

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Photo: Friday Night Campfire @ Harvest 2011.


  • Yes, Medusa is a great tune indeed, but Aldrig Mere is the ultimate in the last 2 yrs of psybient. It contains the Nordic frost with a Shpongled psy and a massive beat. Also a great plas for the tune is that its actually NOT in english but in Swedish, supporting individuality and plurality of expression and at the same time, showing English is not the only language to sing in, reaffirming a strong Swedish presence in both producer and the work.

    Bottom line-for me, Aldrig mere is the tune that marked the release. Much respect to Hinkstep and I hope he continues with more Swedish in his work and more individuality in creation, as he showed it in his first release.

  • Basilisk says:

    Interestingly, the male vocals in Aldrig Mer are in Farsi, if I recall correctly! The female vocals are in Swedish of course.

  • anders says:

    The female vocals and the first male vocals (around 5minutes into the track) are in Swedish, later on there is a language I do not recognize.

  • InYourPhaze says:

    Always a plessure reading about Alex top 10.

    About Hinkstep – Aldrig Mer the male vocal is Swedish. Anyone like me to translate the lyrics??

    Cool release though, didnt know we had talent in this genre up in the north of Sweden. Great release!

    Respect and big ups!!


    Liam Dorff

    Panzar Produktionz

  • faxinadu says:

    Thanks for including The Deep!

    I liked a lot of the other stuff on this list, a lot of unique tunes.

  • m says:

    thx) for the freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)musikkkkkkkkkkk

  • mi says:

    Yeas please translate :D

  • Limix says:

    yay harvest festival! :D

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