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DJ Basilisk’s Free Music Top Ten: Winter 2011

Blog | January 31, 2011 | Posted by Basilisk

Feeling overwhelmed with all the free music available from Ektoplazm? I don’t blame you; the last few months have been rather hectic around here! Below I have compiled a list of ten personal favourites assembled in a somewhat sensible progression from dark progressive and forest music through to techno and chill out. Track titles link back to the original release; use the streaming audio player to hear them all at once (Flash required):

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Onionbrain – Wormhole [Uroboros Records]
An immaculate set of moody and mysterious progressive grooves from Brazil.

Synthetic Forest – Min Egen Lilla Värld [Scared Evil Records]
An unusual experiment in dark psychedelic trance: forest music pitched down to 138 BPM.

Farebi Jalebi – Anasazi [Liquid Frequency]
Parvati-style gelatinous bass and sneaky effects combine to make this Indian darkpsy tune a sleeper hit.

Cybernetika – Molecular Probe [Ektoplazm]
What can I say? Cybernetika’s album is the very definition of epic–and this track features the last big climax before the album plunges into denouement.

Re-Horakhty – Dungeon Keeper [Forest Freaks]
Some of the finest full power forest music I’ve heard all year. Just wait for the countdown!

PharaOm – Cellar Door [Neogoa]
Smooth, melodic new school Goa trance with some trippy samples from one of my favourite movies, Donnie Darko.

Excizen – Renesans 63 [Ektoplazm]
Grimy industrial techtrance with exotic melodies and an incredibly powerful drive. Massive!

Mammal Footwork – Wallop (Odium Remix) [Diggarama]
No nonsense progressive techno with a killer groove.

Deto & Gleam – 511 keV (Album Load) [Digital Diamonds]
Sink deep into this sublime soundtrack to a far future science fiction epic. The entire album is a dream; this is but one of the highlights!

Hello Mellow – Cavedwellers [Gliese 581C]
Deep and delicious psychedelic dub showing strong influences of Ott and the Twisted Records sound.

Interested in hearing more recommendations from the top? Check out previous top tens from the fall and summer of 2010.

Photo: mossy tree.


  • shift2penta says:

    yeah , very strong taste all of them is good but just first 5 are same as my top 5,your second is icluded some type that i dont like ( but good ) if i wana choose from the i agree with Excizen – Renesans 63 it has firm melody .

    cheers and chax

  • Trayan says:

    hey, i’m relatively new to ektoplazm…and what can i say….nice taste… similar choices…
    thank you for the other “unknown” albums to me! :)
    respect! :)

  • ringomushi says:

    love it!

  • UnexpectedTiger says:

    Global warming must be hitting Canada hard if winter ends at the beginning of February…

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