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Ektoplazm Metamorphosis: Update 2

Blog | December 30, 2012 | Updated: October 31, 2013 | Posted by Basilisk

Greetings everyone, and happy holidays! I am writing to provide another update about the Ektoplazm 2.0 crowdfunding campaign and redevelopment effort. If you haven’t already done so I encourage you to read the first update before proceeding.

First, the perks! A month ago I posted an update about the Ektoplazm postcard project. Everyone who claimed a postcard should have one by now—if not, please contact me and I will sort it out.

The t-shirts are another story—they have not yet been produced and shipped. This is ultimately my fault. Since I am no expert in t-shirt design—and since I wanted the design to be as awesome as possible—I delegated this task. Unfortunately I was not satisfied with the direction of the design and cancelled the deal a month into the process. I then tried working with another designer—and another. Neither worked out. Finally, I decided that I should just design the t-shirts myself. Given the late start, my relative lack of experience with this type of design, and my existing workload, it is taking much longer than I had hoped. I apologize for the long delay and will update all qualifying backers when the shirts are ready to be shipped. In the meantime, don’t worry; if you were due to receive a t-shirt you haven’t missed anything yet!

As for the “best of” compilation, it is almost ready to go. Looking back, it has been an incredible amount of work, sifting through ever release ever posted to distill the essence of Ektoplazm’s rich history and musical diversity. I actually began work on this project back in February—almost an entire spin around the sun! By now I can reveal that the compilation will include approximately 50 of the very best tracks released via Ektoplazm, several of which were fixed and remastered for this release. The “best of” compilation will be released to qualifying backers of the Ektoplazm crowdfunding campaign one month in advance of the public release here on Ektoplazm. I am hoping to be able to wrap this part of the project up in early January.

The remaining digital perks—beta access, artist accounts, and so on—will be available as development proceeds, though I can’t say when that might be. Previously I estimated that these perks might be available as early as November—with a public launch of the new site to follow in December 2012. Neither of these targets were met, obviously.

In hindsight, it was overly optimistic of me to expect that everything would fall into place in time to meet such ambitious targets. Ektoplazm 2.0 is a massive undertaking for a single individual—which is why I planned to partner up with another developer to ensure the project proceeded swiftly. After the crowdfunding campaign ended I received many generous offers of help, interviewed several potential partners by email, and eventually decided to take a chance and move across the country to start working on a trial basis with the most promising candidate. Unfortunately, this working arrangement fell through after about a month—leaving me where I began: working by myself to realize my vision of a better Ektoplazm. This isn’t as bad as it sounds—after all, I am confident in my ability to get the job done, and just as dedicated as ever—but it will take much longer than initially estimated. At this point I don’t want to throw out any more dates. I just want to get to work and share progress when I have more to report.

On a brighter note, I am happy to report that Ektoplazm’s new content manager is up and running: welcome Soren Nordstrom to the family! He will be handling all release submissions, packaging, and processing in the new year. In the meantime I will be helping to clear the backlog in the coming weeks. While helping Soren get up to speed I have been struck by the sheer insanity of what goes on behind the scenes around here—the 40+ hour work weeks, the endless flow of emails, the innumerable exceptions and “gotchas” that accompany almost every release submission, the meticulously detailed packaging standards, and all the other maddening tasks that must be mastered to ensure the steady flow of music through the ether. Please show Soren patience and understanding; it really is a lot to ask of anyone to do what I have been doing all these years!

A reminder for all label and artist partners: please be sure to follow the distribution policy closely. This page will be updated anytime there are changes to the process. It is important to follow every step closely to ensure that we have what we need to keep the music flowing.

That’s about it for this update! As you can imagine I am not exactly thrilled with the setbacks the project has experienced in the last few months. Nevertheless, I remain committed to the project and look forward to making more progress in early 2013. If anything, the false starts and obstacles I have encountered have simply strengthened my resolve. I sincerely apologize to everyone who was expecting more by now and genuinely hope to impress you with what comes next.

Until then, stay tuned for more great music while development continues behind the scenes!


  • Ziro says:

    Hey Basilisk,

    This is Ziro from Japan. First off I’d like to Thank You for an amazing year… while its quite obvious you bit off way more than a sharkbite can chew, dont let the technicalities tangle you.. afterall music is ultimately not about material warfare & more about “the human condition” or the very lack of spirit that seems to plague our world. I realize it was a big move on your part, & that you must of felt you were scamming people into what was originally intended as a very unique pioneering “Free Site”, of whats ironically by the great standards of Goatrance, some of the most enthusiastic & ambitious electromuse that has decorated the web made of Ektoplazm. Your countless efforts (sounds cliche) have spun a place like no other.. established a genuine gallery of creativity & most of all trying to respect every level of vision that deserves a suckerpunch every now & then. Although we are given the faulty task of deciphering what is quality sounds, its important to not over-discriminate of what is essentially a kid with a box of crayons.

    What did your box of crayons look like? Did it look like a filthy birdnest of colorful shreds? Or were they all broken into bits… remember that oily smell everytime you opened it? These are the innocent thoughts that create the palette everytime someone opens a sound-program whether they honestly ordered it from the void of The Internet or not. Most of all, what would you give to hold that box of crayons.. that vanished along with your unconscious childhood.. in your hands right now.

    My point being music is the highest artform, as master Beethoven quotes “Music is the Highest Revelation of Mankind”. And today, well its being abused at unprecedented rates, much like Mother Nature herself, just to please the average progressive mind into thinking what brings the most Dopamine flow.. thinking ‘legalizing it’ is the only way out, but not stopping to think of all the Victims of the Rave. The people who once & always thought “Techno Music” is lame being the ‘same sounds repeating over & over’ until the squarebeat is even outlawed in magical countries like UK itself.. the are most ironically the same ignoramus drivers that cant go a day without a dose of social networking on their new gadgets.. so who ever thought of all the garbage hidden away like unheard tunes?

    To sum up my manifesto turned environmental, please check out Chris Jordan’s website.. he is an amazing artist that should be put up on the soapbox along with greats such as Alex Grey. Chris Jordan generally makes art out of garbage.. please view the whole gallery my personal favorites include a movie-screen size exact copy portrait of the famous “Venus” painting made entirely out of plastic shopping bags.. u can zoom into the pics to see some detail but unfortunately the detail is not as good as it used to be before they applied Silverlight.. but u can still get a grasp. by far my favorite, being Japanese, is the Mount Fuji portrait of immense scale that looks like a Tsunami engulfing the whole mountain.. which is made of bits and pieces of tiny plastic he collected off teh shores of The Pacific including Japan.. with the breathtaking effort, much like Ektoplazm, we see the startling statistics of how much plastic garbage we irresponsible humans excrete in a matter of minutes.

    this is one i just noticed now a BEAUTIFUL Tibetian mandala made solely out of mail-order catalogues

    (assuming hyperlinking might not work here so pls take extra effort of pasty)


    Yeah, thats right, you self-righteous Troll thats reading this while wanking-off.. go have sex with a tree! thats right.. drill a sap-hole & believe me you’ll find alot more than stolen Canadian maple syrup.

    Have a safe New Years folks.. & have a place in your heart for the Japanese people of Fukushima & not to mention those affected by radiation the most, being the Hibakusha of Hiroshima.

    Ziro Japan

    Sayonara 2012 with much Respect to The Mayans IFO!!


    ps: sent a longhanded reply in the Kunaki CD sector as well if you have time for it… Bon Voyage Ektoplazm crew!

  • Blood says:

    Thanks for the update. Having used the site for several years now, I can’t express enough thanks for all the work that obviously goes into making Ektoplazm one of the best music websites available today.



  • cowboy Hank says:

    take your time

  • Luffy says:

    Thank u for your hard work ! and there’s a lot of people like me who will support this project till the end !

    Peace and love from Israel

    Luffy ^____^

  • RP3000 says:

    Thank you for all you do!

  • Midnight says:

    Excellent work! I still miss philosomatika.com, but excellent work!

  • zeltmacher says:

    hehe :-)
    sort of “relieved” now that you’re totally out of schedule… when you posted all the things to do I would have bet money that it’s impossible to do that in half a year (except for a pro team maybe).
    nevermind, take the time you need, …quality first ;-)

    wish everybody a happy new year and a great 2013!!!

  • Tchud Trance says:

    Yo, don’t worry, dude. These things are never easy, especially when planning and dealing with a lot of things to give away to untold legions of loyal fans like us. You have done more than I can imagine in such a short time, and am looking forward to support you in any way, as I have done in the past. Patience is virtue, and with the massive hits that you have provided from your amazing site, I have no complaints about this at all. Stay strong, brother!

  • Dan Flict says:

    Take your time, no worries! Just keep us updated as much as possible, I think people understand better if they feel they are contributing. :)

  • troc says:

    Just found the site. AMAZING. A MAZING. Curation is top notch !! Had to donate and help you keep up the brilliantness. Are there other ways to help ? Sys admin? Subscriptions ? Or are regular donstions the best way forward ? Absolutly love the btc option too.

  • Mae says:

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  • I really wish there was a way for the community to get together and help choose the best of the best! I highly recommend a forum… ;)

  • Dave says:

    Welcome to the west coast, Basilisk. Wish you all the best from Vancouver Island, Nananimo. If you want to escape the big city life, check out the island, same tech way different attitude. Listening as always, Dave

  • alex.neon says:

    I just saw the update, Its good to hear! Great things take great effort! It’s inspiring..! Kind regards

  • hurley says:

    hi, i didn’t know where to post this. Why do you offer wav downloads, if FLAC can be decompressed to wav with no difference, and it consumes half the bandwith load and downloading time?

  • Basilisk says:

    Simple: people still want WAVs. FLAC isn’t supported by all players and plenty of people aren’t technically minded enough to know what to do with it.

  • psyflake says:

    hey Basilisk, when it is coming the ektoplazm 2.0? :) all the best

  • psydreck says:


  • Claudio says:

    I agree with Basilisk: there are also people with very special ear, they hear differences between Flac and Wav. Today, the technique offers hardisk large-capacity low price, so it no longer exists problem for large archives.
    ECTOPLAZM always in my heart.

  • 你我知[2] says:


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