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Ektoplazm Metamorphosis: Update 5

Blog | February 26, 2015 | Updated: May 23, 2015 | Posted by Basilisk

Hello again! I am writing to report that progress is being made on the Ektoplazm metamorphosis project and I look forward to debuting the new design as soon as its ready. Last summer I wrote about several of the challenges I have been working through in this public update, most of which still applies. If you haven’t already done so I encourage you to read it—that way I can keep this update short and sweet.

By now I have learned that I make estimates of launch dates at my own peril. My approach in recent months has simply been to invest as much time and energy as I possibly can into the site—a strategy that has been yielding results. I divide my time between the many tasks related to keeping the free music flowing (itself a full-time job) and the ongoing redevelopment effort. People may not realize this but I don’t have a job or outside income; I am 100% devoted to this project and will be seeing it through to completion one way or another. And, in all honesty, it’s a lot of fun to be working on and I feel a great deal of creative satisfaction and heartfelt gratitude doing what I do. These days I’ve really been feeling the love and truly appreciate all the words of encouragement people have been sending me.

Anyhow, I’ll leave it at that for this update. Once again, I really appreciate the support of the community and look forward to sharing more great music and the new design with you when it’s ready!


  • petar says:

    you may not know me, but an IRC channel would be more than sweet :-)

  • Basilisk says:

    @petar: It is essentially an IRC channel with a nice interface and a good mobile app ;)

  • Hunter Foxen says:

    Hey dude. Thank you for all your hard work with Ektoplazm, i have been on here for years and never been disappointed. I love all the releases and artwork, and free music is something often taken for granted. Thanks for all the tunes and jams.
    Peace and Love

  • Lia Rees says:


    I’ve been appreciating your label and its music for a couple of years now – particularly the darkpsy, forest and downtempo side of things (not so much into techno). I’m working in graphic design for authors, mainly book covers, but would like to get into a bolder and more edgy style and branch out into album covers. Let me know whether to mock up some sample album covers and send them over!

    Many thanks in advance,

    P.S. Forest Roots is one of my favourites, and Phobium’s “Oort Cloud” is perfect late-night music when I can’t sleep.

  • Alex says:

    Good luck mate. I am also 100% devoted to a project that I have been developing full-time and unpaid for a year and can relate to your situation. Your enthusiasm and positivity is inspirational.

  • Lam.rim says:

    Respect. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  • Jeremy Starseed says:

    Good idea, and something which could well be of interest to be involved in, as my involvement in the scene continues even after 22 years.

    Keep me posted :)

  • TheProfileth says:

    I got a little hasty and accidentally posted in the older update and can’t delete it but here is what I said
    “Hey if you wanted someone to make you an app and/or redesign the website I have experience with both and am willing to do both if necessary as I am seriously blown away at how amazing this community is yet it lacks a modern touch that could totally make this into an amazing experience, like an alternative to soundcloud that is more open and transparent. Feel free to contact me via my email I would love to help in any way possible.”

  • Oni says:

    I love this site been coming to it for years. I thought maybe i was not getting updates but i see no new music has been released on here since April. Is this site still active? When will there be new music put up?

  • Basilisk says:

    Hey Oni, I had to take a break for the last month while I was in between places with good internet. Today I’m back on the job, processing release applications, and will be posting new stuff shortly. The redesign process is also still under way. I’ll have more to announce soon :)

  • CubzTanz says:

    Thank you Basilisk for all the work and effort! We are looking forward to get the new design. Keep on!
    Full Power!

    greetings CubzTanz

    PS: A waveform for the player would be useful ;)

  • 兀 x ॐ says:

    sweet, I just realized, it is 3 years ago I donated for the metamorphosis.
    Could I please make a $10 wish for now?
    shouldn´t be to hard to change the code of the player from flash to html5?

    br ॐ

  • Basilisk says:

    I’m working hard on the new HTML5-based player but it’s not as easy as it seems to switch things over. Everything is hard-coded into the Flash player so it’ll involve manually updating the 1,600+ (or whatever it is) releases in the catalog. Thank you for your patience :)

  • 兀 x ॐ says:

    manually updating on 1600+ releases sounds hard.
    are you doing anything alone?

    p.s.: to the waveform. depending on how much resources it needs, I don´t really thing it is usefull or necessary at all. I mean, is someone djing with his iPhone by direct straming from ektoplazm? :D

  • Amber Dean says:

    Hey, I’m a web developer and if you need some help with a few things I’d be more than happy to offer some free assistance.

  • juan says:

    Thank u very much for your excellent work… greetins

  • says:

    nevermind, shout up and take my money, but in general I prefer the truth.
    u could say you need money so ppl can donate knowing what for it is, but saying something like politicians to be sure it will be not made is odd.
    please do not understand me wrong, you can shut up and keep my donation, I do not speak for others!
    however, if I could make it or anyone else who offer assistence, also shared work is fine, we could make this ekto 2.0 in less then a week for less then $20.000 for sure.

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