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Ektoplazm T-Shirts Now Available!

Blog | November 22, 2013 | Updated: January 8, 2014 | Posted by Basilisk

Ektoplazm T-Shirt

Ektoplazm t-shirts are now available for purchase!

These t-shirts feature the same wicked design by Toronto-based multimedia artist Jonah K that graces the cover of Ektoplazm’s Greatest Trips. I commissioned this work earlier this year to capture the spirit of the site. I asked for something alien, cybernetic, and purely digital with a hint of mysticism and otherworldliness to it. I think you will agree that Jonah has done an excellent job realizing this vision:

These shirts were originally conceived as part of the Ektoplazm crowdfunding campaign but I’ve been meaning to have some made up for as long as I can remember. People have been requesting Ektoplazm t-shirts for years now—so I am very glad that they are finally here!

Now, I am not in the t-shirt business. I have a site to run (and a new one to develop). And so I have partnered up with Printfection, an on-demand t-shirt printing service, to handle the grunt work of manufacturing and shipping. As such, if you have any questions about your order please contact Printfection directly.

You may find the prices of the t-shirts offered in the the Ektoplazm shop to be a bit high. Actually, these shirts cost about as much as most label merchandise does (just look around), but I don’t mind being transparent about this. I presently make a USD$8 commission on each shirt sold; the rest of the price is the base cost charged by Printfection. That base cost is higher than what some other services charge for a few reasons: printing is on-demand, not in a batch; the print quality itself is very high; and I opted for some of the better quality shirts that Printfection offers. In essence: I optimized for quality—and quality ain’t cheap.

The idea behind the commission is simple: these shirts are meant for fans to show their support for the site. It is a bit like a built-in donation (though the amount is actually less than most donations I receive to help keep the site running). Hopefully you will agree that this is quite fair!

Anyway, slightly more than 100 limited edition asphalt grey t-shirts have already been shipped to qualifying backers of the Ektoplazm crowdfunding campaign. After receiving the support of those same backers I am happy to offer these shirts in a variety of other colours to anyone who wants to purchase one. Simply visit Ektoplazm’s t-shirt shop to get started!


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