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Ektoplazm update: summer 2015

Blog | June 27, 2015 | Posted by Basilisk

DJ Basilisk - Toronto 2014

Hello all, and welcome to another periodic update about all the things going on behind the scenes here at Ektoplazm!

My winter sojourn in Taiwan was highly productive and the redevelopment process is nearing the point at which I can start sharing something of the new design. I have also kept up with demand by artists and labels to release new material for the most part—although the last month has been a bit rocky as I haven’t had consistently good internet access while transitioning back to life in Canada. Nowadays I am playing catch up, buzzing through the release queue about as fast as I can upload things. By July everything should be back to normal with applications processed within two weeks of submission or so. If you’re interested in submitting something to Ektoplazm please consult the distribution policy.

Recently I was interviewed by the fine people at Psybient.org about my first encounter with trance music, my approach to DJing, the state of the psychedelic downtempo scene, and my work here with Ektoplazm. If you’ve already read a beginner’s guide to Ektoplazm this interview will hopefully expand your understanding of what this project is all about. Read the interview here!

Now for some bad news: the Ektoplazm t-shirt shop will be closing on July 31st, 2015. The service I partnered with in late 2013 will be shutting down the on-demand part of their business and I’m not in a position to print and stock shirts myself. I will take a look into some alternatives but it may take a while until I find another company that can produce such high-quality merchandise. Since there’s only about a month left before the shop closes I have reduced prices so that more people who want to pick up a shirt can do so. Don’t miss this opportunity, I can’t say for sure that these shirts will be available in the future!

A couple of months ago I finally hit the storage capacity of my primary web server. I have been dreading this for some time now as buying a second server vastly increases my monthly expenses—but I had no other choice. It took a while to transfer everything over and test most links but everything is now running smoothly. I am aware of a few missing release packages but I still welcome reports of broken downloads, slow transfer rates, and so on via the contact form (be sure to give me enough information to diagnose the problem too). My monthly server expenses are now up around USD$500 so your donations mean more to me and the project than ever before. If you appreciate Ektoplazm and you have the means to contribute please make a donation!

I won’t say too much about the redevelopment effort in this update; suffice to say that things are going well and I’ve got a working HTML5 music player and a much cleaner, responsive interface that should work well on mobile phones. I’ve been unable to continue working on this aspect of the project in the last couple months due to moving around too much and various other circumstances beyond my control but will be back at it in July and hope to finally have something to share of it this summer. It’s getting close!

In other news I am helping my friend Ben Rama open a new record label this summer, Techgnosis Records, with a focus on the dreamy side of deep progressive techno and psytrance. Ben, Mydä, and myself will be showcasing the Techgnosis sound at the All Stars Festival in middle Ontario on July 17-19, 2015, my only remaining festival gig this season (check the Facebook event here for more info). You’ll be hearing more from Techgnosis this summer but in the meantime please feel welcome to follow the project on Facebook and SoundCloud.

Finally, I would like to introduce a side project of mine, Synaptic FX, through which I have been exploring the deeper end of underground house, techno, and trance over the last several years. After performing at Solstice 2015 last weekend I returned to civilization and recorded my first proper studio mix under this guise: Reunion. If your music taste extends beyond psytrance I encourage you to give this mix a spin. It’s three hours long and follows the same kind of storytelling approach that you should recognize from my work as DJ Basilisk.

Thanks, as always, for your love and support of all things Ektoplazm!


  • Tomb says:

    Man, you should convince someone to help you with the uploads. It is a lot to carry all of this on your own! Anyway, thanks for your great work and being the number one supplier of .wav’s for me. <3

  • Basilisk says:

    Yes, it’s a lot to take on, but good help is hard to find. Previous attempts to involve other people were a net loss for the project so I’m going to continue doing everything myself. It’s more work but it’s also the safest course of action to ensure the same quality of service from now until whenever the new site launches.

  • Spirit says:

    I assume the server costs are mostly for storage and bandwidth? You could try torrents, you could try removing WAV downloads (they are utterly pointless as FLAC is lossless). You can also simply use https://archive.org as host for the music. They provide space and bandwidth for free. 500$ per MONTH is insane for a netlabel of free music.

  • TheProfileth says:

    Honestly if this site used torrents it would be way better and then you would no longer need to zip all of the files and I for one would seed everything I download plus it would reduce the cost of hosting

  • Jeroen says:

    I love the site and the service. For me, and I think for others, there would be more incentive to donate if it would be clear where the money is going.
    For example:
    server running costs: 500,-
    development hardware: 200,-
    basilisk food&coffee: 250,-
    total: 950,- this month
    600,- has been raised yet this month

    (everything in this is strictly hypothetical ;) )

  • TheProfileth says:

    Basilisk you are wrong I have been part of many small community sites that run using torrents and there are always people willing to seed which means people can download much faster than your servers can serve meaning a incentive to use the torrent over the traditional direct download plus you have the fact that you only need a small amount of bandwidth spread out throughout all of the songs and with a torrent it is much easier to wait so for people with very slow internet there is also a reason to use it over traditional downloads because sometimes people have lots of space but very little download speed because of their location or circumstance. You should consider using torrents as a alternative to traditional downloads so you can slowly ween off of direct downloads and go full torrent. Furthermore the ability to cross transit music when it is released instantly to thousands of other sites isn’t appealing to you? All while maintaining any any files you wish to have on the distributed cloud that can be accessed without a browser? If you just don’t zip all of your files and instead had a folder for the albums and just made a torrent of the folder you could do it very easily.

  • Jeroen says:

    I agree with TheProfileth, you can try to offer torrent downloads next to the direct downloads. Experience will tell if people want to use the torrents.
    A lot of linux distributions use this model, offering torrents for people who know how to use them to save bandwith and by that, money. Also offering direct downloads for the people unfamiliar with torrents. Apperently it even works with distributions with very small user bases.
    Giving it a try with upcoming releases wouldn’t do any harm I believe..

  • Basilisk says:

    Re: BitTorrent, it’s been tried and didn’t work, as noted in the link I pasted above. My host doesn’t allow torrent trackers and I’m not limited by bandwidth anyway. If I had extra time then sure, I’d love to offer more options, but I already push myself to the breaking point. Maybe in the future :)

  • TheProfileth says:

    Something like this https://bytesized-hosting.com/plans should be able to handle a good chunk of your needs if not all of them
    Even comes with apps https://bytesized-hosting.com/apps/overview
    Just something worth noting given that you are paying so much

  • Nathan says:

    Hey! This website is the closest thing I can find regarding the Psytrance scene in Toronto. At the moment I am living in Amsterdam, Netherlands – and plan on moving to Toronto the coming year.

    I’d like to find out about the psy-scene in the area. I have an interest in organising psy-events in the GTA and am wondering if anyone could point me towards venues that embrace the psychedelic scene. I’m also interested in contacting any known active organisers in the area.

  • Bob says:

    Dear Basilisk
    The psychedelic clothing produce TAPT may be able to come to an arrangement with you. Their print and fabric quality is good, their own designs are also very good.




  • John Scotchmer says:

    No advice but a big thank you for the enlightened work!

  • warri says:

    hey Basilisk and all producers and labels, thankyou very much for the amazing service! I’m downloading everything mp3, to later determine what i want in FLAC/WAV. I will contribute money soon.

  • Edward says:

    Wow,basilisk you’re awesome.
    Downtempo is amazing.
    I’m your fan since 2 years ago and i will be your fan forever.

  • Ujjain says:

    Mr Basilik thks a lot for your dédication & amazing work to our “PSY-musik” , Artists & public !!! LOVE & Psychédélic for ever ;)

  • Alex says:

    I know it’s been a busy time since this post but is html5 any closer to being added? That and the mobile friendly layout would be incredible.

  • Basilisk says:

    Alex: Yes, work continues on the new theme and audio player and it will definitely be mobile-friendly. When it’s ready to go live you’ll know it… and until then there won’t be any incremental changes or upgrades as the current theme is way too old.

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