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North American Festival Guide: 2009 Edition

Blog | February 19, 2009 | Updated: June 27, 2012 | Posted by Basilisk

Eclipse 2008

Welcome to another edition of Ektoplazm’s North American Festival Guide, a resource for discovering outdoor gatherings loosely associated with the psytrance movement in Canada and the United States.

The following festivals have already taken place:

Stimula :: March 20/21/22 (San Luis Rey River, California)
Rastaliens/Braincell, Digital Talk, Naked Tourist

Temple of Radiance :: March 20/21/22 (B.C.)

Sacred Seed :: April 10/11/12 (LaFayette, Georgia)

Vortex :: May 1/2/3 (Ovett, Mississippi)
Iguana/Naked Tourist, Mubali, Monks Of Madness

Mantra of Bliss :: May 15/16/17 (Deerfields, North Carolina)
Goa Gil

Junction 604 :: May 22/23/24 (Canton, Ohio)
Shapestatic, KiloWatts, Primordial Ooze

Sacred Earth :: May 29/30/31 (Black River Falls, Wisconsin)
Mubali, Primordial Ooze, Ekoplex, DJ Basilisk

GO4 P4RTY 4 :: June 5/6/7 (Pacific Northwest)

Gemini :: June 12/13/14 (Belden, California)
Onkel Dunkel, Mubali, Primordial Ooze, Ekoplex

Gaian Mind :: June 11/12/13/14 (Maryland)
Vibrasphere, Haltya, Headroom, Flip-Flop, Hemi-Sync, Distant System

Re:Leaf :: June 15/16/17/18/19/20/21 (Southern Ontario)

Brainfest :: June 19/20/21 (Manitoba)

Entheos :: June 19/20/21/22 (B.C.)

Saint Jean Basstiste :: June 19/20/21 (Quebec)

Shaman Tales :: July 3/4/5 (Ontario)

Freedom :: July 4/5 (California)

Orb :: July 9/10/11/12 (Echo Lake, New York)

Space Gathering :: July 10/11/12/13 (Quebec)
Space Tribe, Nystagmus/Anahata

Motion Notion :: July 16/17/18/19 (Drayton Valley, Alberta)
Andromeda, Amon Tobin, John ’00’ Fleming, Nystagmus/Anahata

Boreal Canoe Trip :: July 17/18/19 (Ontario)

Field Trip :: July 17/18/19 (Minnesota)
Psykovsky, Fria, Mubali, Primordial Ooze

Between Worlds :: July 24/25/26 (B.C.)

Eclipse :: July 24/25/26/27 (Ste-Thérèse-de-la-Gatineau, Quebec)
Deedrah, Zen Mechanics, Earthling, Species, Khainz, MOS, DJ Pena, Gaudi, Third Ear

No Name :: July 24/25/26 (Oregon)

Oracle :: July 31/August 1/2 (Oregon)
Pitch Black, Bluetech, Androcell

Godizus :: August 1/2/3 (B.C.)
Mubali, Virtual Light

Desiderata :: August 6/7/8/9 (Echo Lake, New York)
Cosmosis, Space Tribe, Yab Yum/Ajja, Transdriver, G.O.W., JellyHeadz, Onkel Dunkel, Melorix

Shambhala :: August 7/8/9/10 (Salmo, B.C.)
Pitch Black, Adham Shaikh, Anahata, Ekoplex

World Bridge :: August 7/8/9 (Deerfields, North Carolina)
Catatonic Despair, Dragon, Secret Society, Freaks Of Nature

All Stars :: August 21/22/23 (Southeastern Ontario)

Back Field To The Future :: August 21/22 (Upstate New York)

Karma :: August 21/22/23 (B.C.)
Space Tribe

Synergy :: August 21/22/23 (Montana)

Anishnabe :: August 28/29/30 (Quebec?)

Astral Harvest :: August 28/29/30 (Alberta)
Commercial Hippies

Burning Man :: August 31 to September 7 (The Playa)

El Hal :: September 4/5/6/7 (Quebec)

Equinox :: September 18/19/20 (Deerfields, North Carolina)
Electrypnose, Mubali, Aerosis, Primordial Ooze

Symbiosis :: September 18/19/20/21 (California)
Hallucinogen, Atmos, Extrawelt, Perfect Stranger, Koxbox, Penta, Yotopia, Bluetech

Earthdance :: September 25/26/27 (The Midwest)
Electrypnose, Jellyheadz, Unwashed Tomato

Harvest :: September 25/26/27 (Ontario)

Another World :: October 3/4 (Minnesota)

Crystal Sky :: October 9/10/11 (Black River Falls, Wisconsin)

Venus :: October 9/10/11 (North Carolina)

Festivals in bold featured Ektoplazm live acts and DJs. Festivals with a strike were cancelled.

Other news: Natura isn’t hosting another festival until 2010 and AUM has been cancelled for this year.

Also worth checking: PsyNY’s 2009 festival guide.

For reference, this is the FINAL version 2.12 of the guide, updated October 28th, 2009. See you next year!


  • =) says:

    thank you so much for this…

  • brian says:

    you forgot Gaian Mind in central PA and Playa del Fuego in delaware

  • jay jay says:

    Nice List. Is that Wisconsin Party where they used to have “rave em and bail e” parties back in the day?

    A couple good parties you could add would be soundwave on Vancouver Island the 10th -12th of July, Connect Festival in Saskatchewan the Aug 1st -3rd, and the Apex Project may or may not be going on in Chilliwack British Columbia. Not too sure anymore.

    Om sucks. It is so messed up that the party got broken somehow all those years ago now. Pathetic on the Toronto’s Part. Shame.

  • omcylom says:

    keep the vibe psy in north american psy freaks…. pure and clean!!!!
    boom from goa!!!!

  • Span says:

    I am heading to America in November and am a big fan of the dance music/trance scene down here in Australia and just wanted to know if anyone knew of any festivals of this kind on in the last few weeks of November, preferably around the California area. If you can email me at spanconda@yahoo.com.au that would be most appreciated!!!
    Thanks so much!!

  • Jade says:

    Big gratitude for this list. Let’s hope that America comes out of the digital dark ages soon with psytrance like South Africa has!

  • serdar says:

    selam herkeze neden turkıyede festıval yapılmıyor merak edyorum_?

  • josered says:

    An Utopia is the truth of tomorrow
    Utopia is a premature truth
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    are going to change our world

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    Woman and Man of the earth:

    Another world is possible, A different world, fair and without fear in the people.

    Utopia is something that does not exist today but may exist tomorrow,
    let´s be consistent: asking the impossible: our world can be changed.

    Another world is possible

    We have no doubt that in these times of uncertainty and environmental crisis, people are rethinking their place in the world, and seeking to recover the fundamental and ancestral connections with their planet and culture. In this search for utopia for another is possible world, utopia should be our compass and guide, leading us to stop madness of the system, which is the only way to guarantee a future for our children, the utopia is not static is something that moves and mutates as it passes.

    We know that making a festival is not going to change the world but you may hear in this place the sound that makes this utopia when it grows.

    We waited for the weekend of October 12 to live the utopia of spending 4 days of celebration outdoors in the earth together as brothers danced for us for land for the love and utopia of a different possible world.

  • Jen Ryan says:

    i agree that Ontario is lacking in psy parties and raves, come on people – there are psy lovers here!!!

  • omneziah says:

    Hello i would like you the trance comunnity to get to know about a” taste of nature” the party in the center of portugal near lisbon that is going to happen in the date 11 and 12 of setembre 2009.
    For our amusement we will count with names like Freaked Freaquency, Myrah, Orianis, Triambaka, Juggler, M-Dust and many many more its going to be a 2 days party=)
    For more information please check out my myspace- (www.myspace.com/djkochirakoso) or check it out at goabase.de

    All the best

  • G-π says:

    im luvin this!

  • vaggx says:

    bom shiva freak yo from greece