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North American Festival Guide: 2010 Edition

Blog | March 1, 2010 | Updated: June 27, 2012 | Posted by Basilisk

All Stars Festival – Deco by Neuromantix

Welcome to the 2010 edition of Ektoplazm’s annual North American Festival Guide. Here you will find a listing of various outdoor gatherings at least somewhat associated with the psychedelic trance subculture in Canada and the United States. Many more festivals will be added to this list as details are announced!

Spring Into The Future – May 21/22/23 (Upstate New York)
Facehead, Progress

Faeries & Fools – May 22/23 (Crystal Creek, B.C.)
Gaudi, Adham Shaikh

Lightning In A Bottle – May 28/29/30/31 (California)
Ott, Bluetech, Booka Shade, Heyoka

Alchemy – May 30/April 1/2 (California)
Procs, Aphid Moon, Progress

Sacred Earth – June 4/5/6 (Wisconsin)
SouthWild, Parus, Progress, Shapestatic, Annunaki

Horizons – June 9/10 (Colorado)
Android Cartel, Erphun, Random

Coalesce – June 11/12/13 (Ramblewood, Maryland)
Shane Gobi, M-Theory, Monastic Squid, Cimi, Primordial Ooze, Progress

Orb – June 10/11/12/13 (New York)

Gemini – June 11/12/13 (California)
OOOD, Ajja, Chromatone, Mubali, Aerosis, Enertopia, Ekoplex

Entheos – June 18/19/20/21 (B.C.)
Androcell, Adham Shaikh, Basilisk

Om Reunion Project – June 15/16/17/18/19/20/21 (Ontario)

Red Marines – June 18/19/20 (California)
Cosmosis, Parus, Jahbo, Encephalopaticys, Progress

Desiderata – June 23/24/25/26/27 (New York)
Jaia, Transdriver, Encephalopaticys, Andromeda, Phatmatix, Wizack Twizack, Filteria, Ekoplex

Astral Harvest – July 1/2/3/4 (Driftpile Valley, Alberta)
Heyoka, Narcophone, Blue Lunar Monkey

Shaman Tales – July 2/3/4/5 (Ontario)

Sacred Seed – July 9/10/11 (Cherokee Farms, Georgia)

Space Gathering – July 9/10/11/12 (Quebec)
Southwild, Ekoplex

Motion Notion – July 15/16/17/18/19 (Drayton Valley, Alberta)
Ace Ventura, Bluetech

Vayeb: Day Out Of Time – July 22/23/24/25/26 (Colorado)
Androcell, Witchdokta

Eclipse – July 23/24/25/26 (Quebec)
Koxbox, Perfect Stranger, D-Nox & Beckers, Xerox & Illumination, Duca, Hyper Frequencies, Aerodromme

OpenMind – August 5/6/7/8 (Quebec)

Shambhala – August 4/5/6/7/8 (B.C.)

Worldbridge – August 6/7/8 (Cherokee Farms, Georgia)

Psymply Psychedelic – August 13/14/15 (Pacific Northwest)
Process, Secret Society

DICA – August 20/21 (B.C.)

Burning Man – August 31 to September 7 (The Playa)

El Hal – September 3/4/5/6 (Quebec)

Harvest – September 10/11/12 (Ontario)

Equinox – September 17, 18, 19 (North Carolina)

This is version 1.26.

Festivals in bold featured Ektoplazm, Drumlore, or Omnitropic live acts and DJs. Interested in booking Basilisk, Ekoplex, Clone, Aerodrömme, Akhentek, Farbo, Neto, or Neuromantix (a Toronto-based psychedelic arts collective; deco pictured above) for your event? Contact us soon as dates are filling up!

Festivals with a strike through the name have been cancelled or seem dodgy (based on previous event reviews) and should be treated with caution.

Consult last year’s guide for more festival links if you’d like to get ahead of the game or watch the following web sites for more festival announcements: AtlPsy, Saint Jean Basstiste, Brainfest, Psytribe, T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi, Another World, Symbiosis, Beheshto, and Venus. Apparently Gaian Mind is not taking place this year, nor is Natura by the looks of it.

Tips and info welcome. Leave a comment below or use the contact form.

What is your favourite North American psytrance festival and why?


  • Jim says:

    Hi anything coming to USA Florida?


  • Ross says:

    Man We need some more action in the south east US Ill be hitting up both them alt parties though. BTW Touch Samadhi released Equinox dates recently, Sept 24 25 26

  • Alex says:

    Orb festival is in NYC or Maryland?

  • jonathan says:

    quiero ir al la fiestaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Nicky~ says:

    please guys, help me out, im new here from Cape Town South Africa, where our psytrance scene is HUGE. im going crazy without my stomps and my weekly psy fix’s. PLEASE GUYS hook me up with a shop or something that has flyers for upcoming events… need some connections here. dying without my doof!!!

  • Nicky~ says:

    oh my bad..forgot to mention, im in Charlottesville VA but ill travel wherever i need to.roadtrips are rad:)

  • “Habitat” is a little meeting with a lot of music and art that happens in Morretes one of the cradles of Paraná’s (South of Brazil) History trying to keep some old values of the psychedelic culture. Was born from the union of ideas and very effort of the Listen.Art and Revolucion-e crew, being the final objective provide a meeting to stay in memory of all the participants.

    We are waiting you in 2010! ;)


  • Eliza says:


    When are youplanning to come to Greece??????

  • jack says:

    my bad! sorry!

  • alper says:

    fena festivalmiş

  • imank2 says:

    Hi.very good

  • Tom-in-KensintonMarket says:

    Anyone need a ride from Toronto to Eclipse Festival and back?

  • neema says:

    Do changes to this page get sent out to the email list? Or should we keep checking back here?

  • tribeboy says:

    EARTH Festival México 2011.
    14, 15, 16 y 17 de Abril 2011

    Por Primera vez en México un festejo Mágico en el cual podrás
    Disfrutar en compañía de tu familia ó amigos de 4 días llenos de magia, cultura, música, diversión y de un sin fin de experiencias llenas de magia.

    4 DIAS
    3 NOCHES

    Ven y únete, forma parte de este festejo lleno de TRANCE y MAGIA.

    SPUN RECORDS se une al festejo con:

    GMS – Special OLD SCHOOL Live Act




    SETH HOFFMAN Special Ambient Act


    ON STAGE.:

    AH ´KIN– (GoaNotion Music México)

    AMD – (Nano Records Ingland)

    APHID MOON – (Aphid Records Ingland)

    ASTRAL PROJECTION – (Trust In Trance Records Israel)

    AUDIOMATIK – (Spintwist Records Germany)

    BAMBOO FOREST – (Trance Bookings Ibiza)

    BIOGENESIS – (Nutek Records España)

    BLUE LUNAR MONKEY – (Synergetic Records Mexico)

    BLUE PLANET CORPORATION – (Flying Rhino Francia)

    CALIFORNIA SUNSHINE – (Unnatural Records Israel)

    CHAKRA – (Hommega Records Israel)

    COSMOSIS – (Holophonic Records Ingland)

    DAYDIN– (Spintwist Records Germany)

    DENDE – (Catalyst Records Mexico)

    DICK TREVOR – (Nano Records Ingland)

    DICKSTER – (Nano Records Ingland)

    DIMENSION 5 – (Suntrip Records Switzerland)

    DR HOFFMAN – (Spun Records Mexico)

    EARTHLING – (Spun Records Ibiza)

    ECTIMA – (TesseraTstudio Servia)

    EGORYTHMIA – (IONO Music Macedonia)

    ELECTRIC UNIVERSE – (Electric Universe Records Germany)

    ESP – (Space Tribe Australia)

    FILTERIA – (Suntrip Records Switzerland)

    FLEGMA – (IONO Music Servia)

    GOASIA – (Sound Mute Recordings Servia)


    GROWLING MAD SCIENTISTS – (Spun Records Ibiza)

    GUSS TILL – (Inter Chill Records Ingland)

    HISRAV – (Catalyst Records Mexico)

    IN LAK ECH – (Catalyst Records Mexico)

    INTELLIGENCE – (Catalyst Records Mexico)

    K.O.B – (Suntrip Records Switzerland)

    LIQUID ROSS – (Liquid Records UK)

    DJ LOPHY – (Gig Entertainment Mexico)

    MFG – (Hommega Records Israel)

    MIDIMAL – (Echoes Recordings Sweden)

    MOTION DRIVE – (IONO Music Sweden)

    MURUS – (IONO Music Germany)

    NANOTECH – (Catalyst Records Mexico)

    NEELIX – (Spintwist Records Germany)

    OCELOT – (Zaikadelic Records USA)

    OOOD – (Phar Psyde Records Ingland)

    OPSY – (Sound Mute Recordings Croasia)

    OTEN – (Catalyst Records Mexico)

    POLI – (Spun Records Ibiza)

    PROENSER – (Trance iT Mexico)

    PROTONICA – (IONO Music Germany)

    PTX – (Noya Records Israel)

    RA – (Suntrip Records Switzerland)

    SHAHAR – (Aleph Zero Reords Israel)

    SHAKTA – (Dragonfly Records UK)

    SHIVA JOERG – (Shiva Space Technology Ibiza)

    SLINKY WIZARD – (Flyng Rinho Records UK)

    SOUNDAHOLIX – (Spun Records Ibiza)

    SPACE TRIBE – (Space Tribe Australia)

    STAR SOUND ORCHESTRA – (Planet Records UK )

    STRATIL – (UX mal Records Mexico)

    SYMPHONIX – (Blue Tunes Records Germany)

    TORMA IN DUB – (Catalyst Records Mexico)

    TWINS – (Catalyst Records Mexico)

    VISUA – (Suntrip Records Mexico)

    WE – (IONO Music Mexico)

    ZEN LEMONADE – (Dragonfly Records UK)

    ZOLARIUM – (UX mal Records Mexico)

    ZYCE – (TesseraTstudio Servia)


    GANSEDOLINE Decoration-Team Germany

    MAE MOA Decoration-Team Austria

    EASTGOLD – Artfactory the Freestyle-Art Decoration-Team Germany

    VISUAL ART by:


    La Malintzi TLAXCALA, México.

    + info: http://www.earth-festival.org/

  • dAR pSY tRANCE says:

    We need a heavy injection to dark psy in the mid west (of USA). Our main promoting group is broken up and now the parties are less frequent than ever before, I’m worried that with out the parties dying off… it’s going to revert all our followers to their day lives behind desks and only start nerding out to things like star trek and star wars now….

    Help if you can push a party up north! Des Moines Iowa would work great!

  • nhanour says:

    Hi !!!!… Congratulations !!!! Je suis en France et j’adore la trance goa depuis 20 ans, ce site est vraiment génial, je trouve des oeuvres d’art grâce à vous….. Je decouvre des labels que je ne connaissai pas !!!! thank you so much !!!! Don’t stop !!!!

  • Jacob Rivers says:

    hello space men and woman! whos ready to blast off?!

  • SSK says:

    if you’re on The East Coast-US this November, check out this event – Trancegiving 2011 (2nd Annual)
    Party info: http://www.isratrance.com/party-promotions/trancegiving-2011/7-175533/
    Party info & discussion: http://forum.isratrance.com/trancegiving-2011/7-175533/

  • psysexy says:

    Althought this guy is in Australia, you should check him out, he has some good stuff happening at the moment: