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Psytrance, Progressive, and Downtempo Internet Radio Stations

Blog | July 14, 2010 | Updated: June 27, 2012 | Posted by Basilisk


“It’s about radio.”
— Son Kite, On Air

I’ve had a few visitors write in asking about Internet radio stations so here you are–a list of the most popular destinations (that I know of) for streaming psytrance, progressive, and downtempo music.

Philosomatika: the granddaddy of psytrance Internet radio. Choose from full-on, progressive, or a general psytrance stream.

Triplag: “nonstop music for shamanic moments” with a focus on darkpsy.

Digitally Imported: premium Internet radio station with a wide variety of channels including Goa/Psy, tech house, psychill, chill out, and ambient.

Annuna: Creative Commons psytrance radio featuring lots of music from Ektoplazm.

Soma FM: 19 channels of alternative/underground electronic music focusing on the chilled end of the spectrum.

Psychedelik: French psytrance radio station with psychedelic, progressive, dark, and ambient streams.

Radio Schizoid: Indian radio station with regular shows focusing on psytrance and chill out.

PsyMusic: psytrance stream at a popular UK forum.

HBR1: German radio station with a variety of streams covering trance, IDM, and ambient.

Chromanova: another German radio service with psytrance and chill out streams.

Goa.hu: Hungarian radio station with a variety of channels covering progressive, psytrance, and chill.

Bluemars: downtempo, chill out, ambient, and space music radio station.

Babaganousha: more psytrance radio.

Psyradio.fm: the cubic Flash interface is somewhat confusing but you can hear psytrance, progressive, chill out, and alternative streams here.

You may also browse these indexes for more psytrance and chill out radio stations: Psysurfeur, Psy Name, and the Shoutcast Psytrance directory.

Happy streaming!

Photo credit: “Sleepy Eye Airline Radio” by The Rocketeer.