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The Best of Ektoplazm 2009

Blog | March 2, 2010 | Updated: June 22, 2012 | Posted by Basilisk

The results of the Ektoplazm Free Music Survey 2009 are in! Big thanks go out to the 385 visitors who responded to the call in the month of January. The survey had two main parts: one section for voting on the best release of the year and another section designed to gather some feedback about the Ektoplazm web site and netlabel. Here I present the results of the first section–the best free psytrance (and whatever else you find here) of 2009 as voted by Ektoplazm fans like you!

Best EPs

#5: PharaOm – Awakening Bodhisattva [Underground Alien Factory Records]
#4: Dissociactive – Underwater Lab [Sun Station]
#3: Amygdala – The Sprawl [Ektoplazm]
#2: Kino Oko – The Doggy Bag [Digital Diamonds]
#1: Anakoluth – Beyond Reach [Cronomi Records]

Honourable mentions: Mukti – Magick Mother, SoulCraft – Zen Spirit, Faradize – Darknight Castle, Kemonoid – Squishy Fish, and Hypnagog – Dreaming In Pieces.

Best Compilations

#5: Telepathik Nonsense [Wonk#Ay Records]
#4: Art From The Heart [Old Is Gold]
#3: Helicon Vedas [Helicon Sound System/Om Veda Records]
#2: Entities [Croatian Psytrance Community]
#1: Under The Moss [Forest Freaks]

Honourable mentions: Energies Around, Rest In Pieces, T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi 001, Entheos Audio Archive 3.0, and The Future Of Light.

Best Albums

#5: ManMadeMan – Children Of The Light [Ektoplazm]
#4: Disco Hooligans – Clear Skies [Ektoplazm]
#3: Jikkenteki – The Beginning Is At The End [Ektoplazm]
#2: Cybernetika – Atropos [Independent]
#1: SubConsciousMind – Intermezzo Extended [Ektoplazm]

Honourable mentions: Proton Kinoun – Apeiron, Xamanist – Initiation, Freeform Human – Arnika, New Age Hippies – Entrance, and Trebolactiko – Deep Channeling.

There you have it! 2009 was another fantastic year for free psytrance and I think it shows in the quality of releases listed above. Hopefully there are a few in the list above that you haven’t heard and now feel compelled to discover!

This is actually the first time I have surveyed visitors to assemble this list; if you have a look at the Best Free Psytrance of 2008 you can see that it consists of my own personal highlights. I would like to give credit to Volker at Digital Diamonds for introducing me to Google Forms, the system used to operate the survey. Basing this list on community input makes way more sense than filtering through everything myself!

I will have more results from the Ektoplazm Free Music Survey 2009 to post very soon (update: those results are now available here). The next part will consist of your feedback, what styles you want to hear more or less of, media preferences, and some announcements about what sort of changes can be expected to the site this year (all based on your comments of course). Thanks again to everyone who participated and I hope 2010 is every bit as good (or even better) than last year’s bumper crop of awesome free music!

Is your favourite 2009 release listed here? Do you agree with the results?


  • DJ_Psykick says:

    No doubt that Cybernetika – Atropos was one of the best albums released in 2009.
    Fresh, innovative and massive!
    Thank you Basilisk for bringing these to our ears.

    Psykick =)

  • d_J.mauspath says:


  • d2kx says:

    I voted Amygdala – The Sprawl for best EP and Cybernetika – Atropos for best album. Both are listed, so I am happy :) Cybernetika is mindblowing, hopefully he will do another album in whatever style this year!

    Overall the quality of some of 2009’s free music releases have been seriously amazing. My iPod is full of Ektoplazm stuff nowadays.

  • Craic Addict says:

    Definately mate. Atropos is a pure blinder. Fresh, innovative and a steel toe-capped boot to the goolies! It even rocks a jaded Belfast scene. Love it.

  • I’m so proud to see one of our releases reaching #1. Roman did a magnificent work on that release!

    My personal vote for the album was Atropos, even though it’s not pure psytrance. It’s still amazing.

  • Very good list! I grabbed a couple of these… now its time to snag the rest!

  • Muxxex says:

    I really loved Cybernetika’s release, played it over and over again.

    Loving the rest of the list, gives me something great to listen to while working :)

  • Perfundo says:

    Gotta love how you DON’T “always get what you pay for”… I mean, all of this stuff is free, and yet it’s better than a lot of stuff that’s 15+ dollars!

    Bless you, Ektoplazm! :)

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