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The Best of Ektoplazm 2010

Blog | February 5, 2011 | Updated: June 22, 2012 | Posted by Basilisk

I am pleased to announce the final results of the Ektoplazm Free Music Survey for 2010! A total of 550 votes were submitted from more than 50 nations with strong representation from United States (45), Germany (44), India (33), United Kingdom (29), Canada (27), Russia (26), Croatia (19), Sweden (18), Brazil (17), and Australia (16). Polling was open from January 1st to January 31st, 2011. Collectively, Ektoplazm fans selected the best albums, best compilations, best mini-albums/singles/EPs, best netlabels, and best new artists of the 2010 calendar year. Here are the results (with the number of votes in parentheses), as chosen by visitors like you!

Best Album 2010

  1. Cybernetika – The Scythe Of Orion [Ektoplazm] (77)
  2. Etnoscope – Way Over Deadline [Ektoplazm/Panzar Produktionz] (55)
  3. Ekoplex – Creatures Of The Forest [Ektoplazm] (53)
  4. Disco Hooligans – Darjeeling Express [Ektoplazm] (35)
  5. Koan – The Signs: Entanglement [Omnitropic] (32)
  6. EvsY – Evsylocybine [Ektoplazm] (31)
  7. Deto & Gleam – Archives [Digital Diamonds] (31)
  8. LCD Influence – Will Eat Your Sandwiches [Karana] (31)
  9. Bechamel Boyz – Sauce Masculino [People Of The Butterflies] (25)
  10. RAZ – Recorded Dreams [UP Records] (25)

Honourable mentions: Chaos Control – Instrumental Alchemy, SubConsciousMind & Friends – Patchwork, and Cipro Status – Del Bosque.

Best Compilation 2010

  1. Dimensional Gateway [Neogoa] (60)
  2. Goa Overdose [Underground Alien Factory Records] (57)
  3. Cycle Of Secrets [Silent Existence] (49)
  4. Cyberpunk Chronicles Vol. 2 [Uroboros Records] (29)
  5. Dub For Life [Dubmission Records] (23)
  6. Cyandroids [Cyan Music] (20)
  7. Entheos Audio Archive 4.0 [Ektoplazm] (20)
  8. Space Forming [Gliese 581C] (18)
  9. Earthdance Guatemala 2010 – Night Time [Biijah Records] (18)
  10. Cyberpunk Chronicles Vol. 1 [Uroboros Records] (17)

Honourable mentions: Dreamshadow, Galactic Synthetic, Digital Family Vol. 2, Kalila wa Dimna, Highway To Eternity, and Carving Mirages.

Best Mini-Album/Single/EP 2010

  1. Artha – Fluori Dolby [Cronomi Records] (44)
  2. DoHm – Swampology [Ektoplazm] (36)
  3. Afgin – The Dream Master [Premium Music] (31)
  4. oCeLoT ® and Friends [Independent] (29)
  5. Globular – Colours Of The Brainbow [Gliese 581C] (25)
  6. Patara – Nullpunkt [Panzar Produktionz] (18)
  7. Ben Rama – The Invisible Kingdom [Drumlore] (17)
  8. Onionbrain – 10.192 A.D. [Uroboros Records] (17)
  9. Felix – Anjuna To Assam [Cosmogenesis Recordings] (15)
  10. Uth – Distant Instincts [Neogoa] (15)

Honourable mentions: Seamoon – A Twisted Downbeat Adventure, Tsabeat – Warp Speed, Pekkanikkarinen – Uni, and Setanic – Glowing Mushrooms.

Best Netlabel 2010

  1. Ektoplazm (225)
  2. Neogoa (34)
  3. Underground Alien Factory Records (29)
  4. Digital Diamonds (28)
  5. Silent Existence (25)
  6. Neurotrance Records (19)
  7. Uroboros Records (19)
  8. Cosmogenesis Recordings (17)
  9. Panzar Produktionz (14)
  10. 2to6 Records & Glitchy.Tonic.Records (13)

Honourable mentions: Gliese 581C, Cronomi Records, and Cyan Music.

Best New Artist 2010

  1. Globular (32)
  2. Seamoon (25)
  3. Sky Technology (24)
  4. Therange Freak (24)
  5. NK-47 (23)
  6. Zeitgeist (23)
  7. LCD Influence (19)
  8. Patara (19)
  9. Infernal Droid (18)
  10. BlackStarrFinale (17)

Honourable mentions: Cipro Status, Keamia, InnerSelf, Exelization, Xenoscapes, Dreads Control, and Persistent Aura.

Some Caveats

It is worth mentioning that these results are by no means scientific! Considerable bias is introduced by the fact that the year-end survey is completely voluntary. As such, the sub-segment of site visitors filling out the survey are not representative of the views of everyone. Moreover, 550 votes is a lot but Ektoplazm welcomed more than 340,000 unique visitors in 2010 alone. Finally, there is undoubtedly some bias in favour of official Ektoplazm releases (for the site is both a distribution platform and a netlabel), so take the results with a grain of salt. This is meant to be fun! ;)

Additional Results

As before, the survey also featured a second section dealing with style and media preferences as well as an invitation to provide general feedback about the site. These additional results guide me in the curation process. Last year it took me more than nine months to post up a detailed set of results, available here. I hope to have these findings posted in a more timely manner this year! Watch this space. Here are the additional results for 2010!


Congratulations to all the winning labels and artists! 2010 was a massive year for Ektoplazm and the free music movement. Roughly 150 new releases were posted, many of them destined to be future classics. The quality of free music continues to improve thanks to the hard work and dedication of professionally-minded netlabel owners, producers, DJs, graphic designers, studio engineers, and other players in the free music underground. May 2011 be as good to music lovers as 2010 has been!

Interested in results from earlier years? Check out The Best Free Psytrance of 2009 (also based on a year-end survey) and the Best Free Psytrance of 2008 (my personal selections).

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  • Smoking Shiva says:

    Much Love and Full Support….a Million Thanks to the Family…………..

  • Blood says:

    All well deserved! I did expect to see Deto and Gleam higher up the list, but the top three hit the spot for me. There is a lot of high quality music here that wipes the floor with other, more commercial bands. Also good to see Dohm and Globular in there, too. There’s others here that I’ve D/L but not listened to yet but it is reassuring to see them listed. *Thumbs-Up*

  • Imba says:

    Thanks a lot!

    Great results :)

  • Artha says:

    thanx a lot :-) i’m very suprised.

  • Richpa says:

    Congrats too all who participated in this competition and especially big thanks to boys and girls who gave their support to Neogoa & Dimensional Gateway!


  • DJKopasetik says:

    Yer kiddin’… Ektoplazm took best netlabel? Never saw THAT comin’… lol (not an accusation, just cynicasm)

  • Liam Dorff says:

    Amazing results, very happy to see its possible to make a difference.
    I must say though, to be worlds largest platform for what we all love, 550 votes is
    far to less, considering the amount of trancers that actually visits ektoplazm.com
    Would be cool if lets say 10.000 would have voted….guess people are bizzy theese

    For me its was a happy voting, full of suprises…..great work and keep on producing.

    Greetingz from Sweden!!

  • Basilisk says:

    We have an edge in terms of name recognition, it’s true :)

  • Ελικών says:

    Nice :)

  • Wrong Mantra says:

    Good to see our work were accepted too. Alex hanks a lot for path you follow, me and guys are really appreciate that ;) Also my congratulations to Morison (Globular) – keep smiling and blessing us with your music bro.
    PS About voting.
    You really should do something with voting form next time. I had it open and started filling out, then there were a lot of scrolling job on 2nd-plane votings, which confused me and bored, so I didnt even finished it at all and get closed.
    Maybe I’m lazy but I bet most of the people made the same due to questions overload ;) People just want to fast “click-click” their opinions in simple ways, so some separation would help and get voting numbers much higher.

  • DJKopasetik says:

    LoL basilisk, especially when it’s your poll… 8^P*

  • Nice one, cheers for that :)

    All the best to Ektoplazm for 2011!

    Peace out.

  • Keep it up Ektoplazm! Good work…

  • PsyVeen says:

    Long Live Psychedelic !!!!!!

  • sarah says:

    Thank you all for the great fucking musnic you given me and my husband!
    Love you all! <3
    I even have to say that this is one of the greatest website and it will always be deep inside my heart. Hope you never will shut it down….. =)
    Sarah Sandin Vreede

  • Alpha Titan says:

    i have been in search of psy trance that doesn’t get too harsh or cacophonic,basically with all the synthesized sounds but which may also have an emotionally charged core,not just like a monotonic rush.i thank god the day i happened upon this website god bless u a billion times over!and free downloads on top of that.coming from a person who lives for music.love you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alpha Titan says:

    P.S. n this is the best part- i find some of the cybernetika tracks suitable to meditate with…elixir for the neocortex….:) :)

  • Trilobyte_simon says:

    What Fantastic Music …

    … what a fantastic website

    T H N K Y O U all for such a lovely site, your support to the Artists & all that you give us!


  • DJ DeAeD says:

    whoever made this website…….


  • Wylhelm says:

    Lets see whats up with 2011’s best :)

  • 2to6 Records says:

    WoW! nice to be in your top10 of labels :)

    keep the vibe

    2to6 Records

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