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The Best of Ektoplazm 2011

Blog | February 20, 2012 | Updated: January 8, 2014 | Posted by Basilisk

I am proud to present the full results of Ektoplazm‘s 2011 free music survey. 971 votes were counted from more than 65 nations with strong representation from Germany (79), United States (74), Australia (57), Brazil (47), India (43), Russia (41), Poland (38), United Kingdom (37), Croatia (30), France (30), South Africa (30), Mexico (29), Sweden (29), Canada (26), and Israel (25). Polling was open between January 1st and January 31st, 2012. Together, survey respondents selected the best albums, best compilations, best mini-albums/singles/EPs, best netlabels, and best new artists of the 2011 calendar year. Here are the results (with the number of votes in parentheses), as chosen by visitors like you!

Best Album 2011

  1. Electrocado – The Hass Effect [Hass Records] (103)
  2. Radioactive.Cake – Subatomic Disco [Glitchy.Tonic.Records] (84)
  3. Cybernetika – Colossus [Ektoplazm] (83)
  4. oCeLoT ® – Style Is Not A Style [Independent] & Sephira – Imagination In Motion [MerKaBa Records] (66)
  5. Easily Embarrassed – Tales Of The Coin Spinner [EE Records] (55)
  6. Trinodia – Human History [Underground Alien Factory Records] (46)
  7. Kadasarva – Steamagination [Sun Station Records] (42)
  8. Adrenal Glands – Glandular Dreams [Dropout Productions] (37)
  9. Hinkstep – Sunrise From The Treetops [Omnitropic] & GoaHuman – Esoteric Journey [Underground Alien Factory Records] (33)
  10. Glitch – Higher Definition [Psybliminal Records, Ritual Records] (31)

Honourable mentions: N.O.M – From Life To Light, Mantra Flow – Behind The Shadow, Theobroma – Thinking Like Dolphins, Hanuman – Beyond The Light, Paranoiac – Peace From Other Space, Maharishi – Sense Of Feather, Zeitgeist – Darwin, and Perfect Blind – Three Spires.

Best Compilation 2011

  1. Cyberpunk Chronicles Vol. 3 [Uroboros Records] (53)
  2. Goa Overdose 2 [Underground Alien Factory Records] (50)
  3. Dimensional Gateway 2 [Neogoa] (47)
  4. Turlitava [Neogoa] (39)
  5. Up The Duff [UP Records] (37)
  6. Panta Deus [Psytrance.pl] (34)
  7. Hollow Earth [Uroboros Records] (33)
  8. The LSD Connection [Yo Soy Records] (32)
  9. Perun [Glitchy.Tonic.Records] & Psytraveller Vol. 2 [Sun Station Records] (31)
  10. Nine Spheres To Enlightenment [Silent Existence] (28)

Honourable mentions: Under The Moss Vol. 2, Spectral Circuitry, Voices Of The Trees, Space Forming Vol. 3, PsR Reincarnation, Art From The Heart Chapter II, and Beyond Time & Space.

Best Mini-Album/Single/EP 2011

  1. Brujo’s Bowl – Healing With Sound [Arkona Creation] (52)
  2. AstroPilot – Emptiness [Sun Station Records] (45)
  3. Globular – In Formation [Independent] (35)
  4. Overdream – Soundprints [Sun Station Records] & Toï Doï – Mother Pitch [Underground Alien Factory Records] (33)
  5. Afgin – Emotional Peaks [Premium Music] & Elegy – Sleeping Giant [Panzar Produktionz] (32)
  6. Messy Mass & Baba Gnohm – Night Of The Living Kebab [Independent] (28)
  7. Sky Technology & Nova Fractal – Versus [Neogoa] (26)
  8. Brujo’s Bowl – 900 [Glitchy.Tonic.Records] & Nova Fractal – Main Sequence Star [Neogoa] (25)
  9. Ryanosaurus – Kaleidosaur [Hass Records] & Yaminahua – Total Harmonic Distortion [2to6 Records] (24)
  10. Reactant – Initial State [Uroboros Records] & Vishudda – The 5th Chakra [Panzar Produktionz] (23)

Honourable mentions: Neuromodulation – Strange Equation, LuneCell – Elements, Acid Lizard – Hypnotik, Ellis Thomas – Head Music, RAZ – Static Noises, Schizoid Bears – Bearsky Dreams, Pick – The Furious, and Prog-A-Lot – Prog-A-Lot.

Best Netlabel 2011

  1. Ektoplazm/Drumlore/Omnitropic (250)
  2. Neogoa (84)
  3. Glitchy.Tonic.Records (73)
  4. Uroboros Records (61)
  5. Underground Alien Factory Records (41)
  6. Hass Records (33)
  7. Gliese 581C (32)
  8. Sun Station Records (31)
  9. Helicon Sound System Records (30)
  10. Neurotrance Records (28)

Honourable mentions: Panzar Produktionz, 2to6 Records, Karana, UP Records, Silent Existence, and Digital Diamonds.

Best New Artist 2011

  1. Brujo’s Bowl (189)
  2. Electrocado (121)
  3. Sephira (114)
  4. Glitch (65)
  5. Elegy (59)
  6. Hinkstep (55)
  7. Paranoiac (48)
  8. Vishudda (39)
  9. Theobroma (29)
  10. Invid Mind (27)

Honourable mentions: Ellis Thomas, Maharishi, Aewock, Divine Source, and Silent Witch.

Some Caveats

This survey is by no means scientific; participation is voluntary and voting is pretty much anonymous (although I have my ways of weeding out fraudulent votes). There are several ways in which the results may be biased. Several labels and artists ran effective “get out the vote” campaigns through their newsletters and Facebook walls, for instance. Releases made later in the year tend to fare better as well. Still, I think it is worth noting that this is the largest poll of its kind in the psytrance world; no other year-end “best of” survey comes close.

Site Statistics

For the record, Ektoplazm was visited 2,088,292 times by 590,847 unique visitors who viewed 8,309,995 pages in 2011. This is twice as much traffic as Ektoplazm experienced in 2010 (more data from last year). Ektoplazm had served up in excess of 3 million full releases by the end of 2010; this count reached 5.5 million at the end of 2011, an increase of about 2.5 million. Assuming an average of 5 or 6 songs per release (not an unreasonable estimate) this would suggest that Ektoplazm has facilitated the download of 25 to 30 million tracks since 2007, with close to half of that number transferred last year alone. I posted 292 new releases in 2011, up from 152 in 2010. Ektoplazm’s many visitors left approximately 6,000 comments, bringing the total to more than 14,000 since 2007, and made 28,758 ratings in 2011.


Congratulations to all the winning labels and artists! I described 2010 as a “massive year for Ektoplazm and the free music movement” and the same can be said of 2011. Many of the releases posted this year equal or even surpass the quality of commercially available albums. Psytrance culture remains vibrant thanks to the hard work and generosity of countless producers, label owners, studio wizards, disc jockeys, graphic designers, and hardcore fans. If you haven’t shown your appreciation recently, please do!

Want to show your support? Donations are always welcome and banner advertising is now available for festival organizers, shop owners, and anyone else who would like to purchase space. Remember: Ektoplazm is 100% supported by the community; without your help, this wouldn’t be possible!

Interested in results from earlier years? Check out the best free psytrance of 2010 and 2009 (both also based on a year-end listener survey) and 2008 (my personal selections).

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  • zeltmacher says:

    WOW!! great development and accomplishment. congrats, keep the good work going!!

  • Tchud Trance says:

    Alright!! Good to see the results of the vote since Basilisk took a little vacation. Peace and love… Boom!!

  • Richpa says:

    Congrats to all winners and big thank you to all people who gave their votes and support to Neogoa netlabel and our work. We’re happy to second year in a row 2nd best netlabel in psytrance scene, plus it’s nice to have two compilations in TOP5.

  • hell yeah…really happy to see you guys appreciated what Glitchy.Tonic.Records and our friends from Uroboros did in 2011 =)
    thanx for voting !!!

  • n3s says:

    Thx for all support..and to continue the success Ektoplazm

  • KC says:

    Awesome! 2011 was a great year for music.

  • Ellis Thomas says:

    Well done to Glitchy Tonic and Uroboros. Also Radioactive.Cake with Subatomic Disco.
    I am very pleased to have Honourable mentions. Thanks to all that have made possible.
    Peace and love. :)

  • SHIVA says:

    i will spread the benefits of this site to all my psy friends! thumbs up basilisk…great job!

  • Arronax says:

    Congratulations Neogoa! I’m proud of ya! :) Congrats to all others as well. I personally think that 2011 is one of the best years for Goa trance in the whole decade :)

  • Tomb says:

    Now. Lets get them all to the same party. ;)

  • Ravindra says:

    thx for the hard work bro… But i believe Sephira’s album and radioactive sandwhich’s deserve to be in top 10..thx for the amazing music. keep up the uploads ..may u be well and happy. with metta kindness

  • Blood says:

    Well done! :) What an amazing accomplishment for all concerned.

  • Brayaya says:

    im proud i’ve listened this year a very good list of music like this one :) keep going guys P&L

  • RiY Az says:

    Another amazing year has dropped..
    well i think this is just a list, there is much more to dig…

  • burdock says:

    Love you ektoplazm :))) great job! thanks to all the artists!

  • Moika says:

    Congrats to all… and special congrats to UROBOROS RECORDS. I’m so proud to see tha famíly growing up more and more!!!

  • EqUiLibRriuM says:

    Nice one and congratulations to the artists/labels!! brilliant site : P

  • Mention says:

    Nice work bill and ryan! and Also to my up the duff counterparts we got number 5 for comps! YAY, we are all winners!

    Im going to disneyland to celebrate.

  • Peter Andersson says:

    Hope you’re not sick, no Ten Full Moons at ten full moons, why?

  • James says:

    Great to see Brujo’s Bowl getting recognition. Healing with Sound is a wonderful EP. Saxon really knows his percussion.

  • Footprint says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Nice one Basilisk, + to all the artists and labels for the feast of fabulous music during 2011.
    Life would have been somewhat lesser without you all! Best wishes, P + L (and parties!) for 2012!!

  • Andrew says:

    I’m so glad to see some of the entries I voted for!

    Thanks for all of your work on making such a wonderful site!

  • reza8 says:

    thx very much but why the other famous djs there isnt in this site?(for example armin van burren,yahel,tiesto,u-recken&…)

  • emad says:

    bikhial haji . inja az in khabara nis (ties miess) . in sayt tarjihan ye halo havaye dgei dare ke fek konam be dardet nemikhore
    boro baradar 2nbale djihat

  • jura says:

    Nós só temos que agradecer! Espero estar contribuindo rapidamente ( por mais humildemente que seja) para a continuação de Ektoplazm. Seu site mudou a minha vida!

  • peyman says:

    taraf sabk shenasish zaeefe , onayi ke to migi psy trance-e va age donbale psy trance migardi in site nadare,

  • Ehsan says:

    this site is the best of the best,tnX a loT

  • Psyprasad says:

    I’ve been a member of this site for almost three years and without a doubt i can say this is the best site for trance music
    Dj Basilisk you doing a great job man Keep it up
    regards psyprasad (mumbai , India)

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