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Metaphorical Cloud – Morphing

Free Music | Ambient, Downtempo | July 27, 2011 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Metaphorical Cloud – Morphing
01 - Imagination Bay (120 BPM)
02 - Cenosis (120 BPM)
03 - Gardens (70 BPM)
04 - Morphing (101 BPM)
05 - Sphere (103 BPM)
06 - Substance (99 BPM)
07 - Quartz (120 BPM)
08 - Psyche (70 BPM)
09 - Backward (68 BPM)
10 - Aerobios (107 BPM)
11 - Thenaria (62 BPM)

Metaphorical Cloud (Eduard Sionov) is a project from Obninsk, Russia, combining ambient and psychedelic chill out in Morphing, his debut album on Flying Woofer Records. Eduard experimented with music for more than five years in the attempt to find a unique style. Mixing live instruments and synthesized sounds, his style developed into a fusion of influences from ambient, psychedelic chill out, and downtempo music. This album is showing us a deep journey full of simplicity and complexity at the same time. Expect trance-inducing ambient textures bubbling with lysergic atmospheres. Mastering smoothly crafted by Akes. Fractal morphing artwork by Bjorn Bionik.

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Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.

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  • Astro-Goya says:

    So..nice and ambient ambience ..LOL.. Well done ! Like this a lot!

  • great stuff again… thx for this piece of sound!!!!

  • Ulterior Substance says:

    Perfect. Keep electronic ambient growing, keep it alive…

  • headreseter says:

    morping rulez, best chill and rest for calm.. greetings from allaround

  • Luis Correia says:

    Great release!!!! love the evolving ambiences that you created here!!!

  • Sid says:

    Thank you Alex for your time and energy to help artists all the way through!

    Thanks Eduard for having the patience and love to share your wonderful music for free!!

    Stay tuned with Flying Woofer Records for more breath taking, trance inducing, alternative electronica!! :)

    Lotsa peace and boom boomz from India!!

  • Mar Schiavon says:

    Awesome feeling listening to this music! Nice concept and textures, take us to another level! Thanks for this mates! Killer Release!

  • Anton says:

    great chilling sound.thanks for everything!!!BOOM!

  • hiddenplace says:

    another EXCELLENT downtempo/psychill release! ektoplazm is quickly becoming my #1 supplier of trippy chillout music.. keep that muical laboratory running, guys!

  • Expedizion says:

    high ambient! good journey through the stars. congratulations

  • Patrik Andrei says:

    Так держать ! молодца ЭД !.) меня лично Quartz выще зацепил %D

  • goadude says:

    really great and relaxing sound!! good work

  • 013akilper says:

    i love this

  • Le Von C says:

    Stunning music, love it.

  • eduard says:

    thanx to everyone. if you like it – I’m very glad. now I’m on creation new album. hope it will be more better.


  • FingerTips says:

    I am seriously in love with this release! Thank you so much, I am excited for your next one!

  • Matts A says:

    Thanks for a super-great album, and for sharing your talent with us :) One of the best chill-releases 2011 for sure!

  • This album is just magic. So beautiful..I feel good about life now,,few hours ago i was kind of sad because a girl looked at me at uni twice and smilled. i was such a shy dude and could not talk to her..so felt frustated..now i hv forgotton her,cuz music is in my mind. thx ekto n cloud

  • Hannes says:

    Great effort. Love all the different sounds in this one. Shared on my blog.

  • JonnyB says:

    Very, very enjoyable indeed. A nice blend of spacey and earthy atmospheres. Thanks very much for making your work freely available.

  • Maitre soda says:

    Very good thx for all ;)

  • BlindBlindBlind says:

    This album is astonishing. I’ve found myself travelling to the furthest regions of my brain just by listening to it with my eyes closed. The track “Sphere” in particular is a true masterpiece in my opinion. An auditive journey. Congrats !

  • [email protected] says:

    Merci pour cette album, piste 1 => excellent !

  • Guthrie says:

    I am loving this album! I haven’t even finished listening to it, but every track so far has been an individual and special journey :)
    This is what I’ve been looking for when going through the downtempo/ambient section. It delivers in being organic and spacey at the same time xD
    awesome psychedelic music!!!

  • robbie says:

    What Amazing Album! Very impress. Most Chilled out album become boring half way through, but this kept going all the way! Hope they make more albums like this!!!

  • ri says:

    Very great album with very nice sounds. It is very good produced and mastered.

    Thank you for this masterpiece of music.

  • School of crystal healing says:

    Very cool stuff!

  • Me says:

    Great album!

  • MGM says:

    Thank you so much guys, this music makes me goosebumps, my heart beats faster, i feel it deeeeep inside!!! Thank you, you are blessed sharing so much light and love my body moves by himself, my soul dances with this album!!!! **♥♥**

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