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MoDem Festival Vol. 2

Free Music | Full-On, Twilight | May 22, 2014 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

MoDem Festival Vol. 2
01 - Killer B - Anybody Out There (148 BPM)
02 - Hypereggs - Maybe Tigers Are Blue (148 BPM)
03 - EVP - Weird Mechanic (148 BPM)
04 - Occular vs Loose Connection - Jebby (148 BPM)
05 - Synthetik Chaos - Demento Juice (150 BPM)
06 - Kabayun - Visible Analog (148 BPM)
07 - Meerkut - Plante Verte (150 BPM)
08 - Zzbing - Hollow Grams (148 BPM)
09 - Insane Creatures vs Niria - Hybrid Nematic Momento (152 BPM)
10 - Hotep - Liquid Fever (150 BPM)

MoDem Festival Vol. 2, the second compilation from the creators of MO:DEM Festival, embodies the spirit of the event with an exceptional line-up of artists exploring the most twisted contours of the psytrance bass line. This is 100% psychedelic ear candy articulated with precision at 148 to 150 BPM. Mirroring the uniqueness of the MO:DEM sound, this next chapter takes no prisoners and transforms any space into a vortex for peak-level grooving. Play at your own risk! Mastered by EVP.

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Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.

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  • Acid lagos says:

    some nice stuff here :-)

  • Matt says:


  • pyc says:

    delicious trips for the ones who know!

  • Dj Fraktalmonkey says:

    amazing copilation

  • DJ Aluxes says:

    YES!!!! Very good quality Psy!! Love it!!

  • mr p says:

    yeea quality artists and quality psy

  • woo-dog says:

    What a whopper :-D utter sickness again this year ! can’t wait for the party of 2014 \m/
    this killargh music will keep me going tll then :-D

  • Tchud Trance says:

    MoDem rocks!! Like the Momento Festival before it, this collection takes us on another twisted journey into the mind. Awesome album!!

  • skyhighatrist says:

    sounding amazing :) good work. more of this please :D

  • Whichdoctor says:

    Brilliant Compilation as usual from the Modem Crew. Well done guys and best of luck with the festival. Im sure it will be killer ;-)

  • Tone says:

    When i start unraring the .Wav files it stops to tell med there is an error.
    Tried to download it again and again and sometimes it crashes after unraring a couple of tracks.
    Is it broken or maybe something else?

  • vinicius 01b says:

    04 – Occular vs Loose Connection – Jebby
    07 – Meerkut – Plante Verte
    08 – Zzbing – Hollow Grams


  • vinicius 01b says:

    10 – Hotep – Liquid Fever

    Sorry for the lag! =D

  • Ravon says:


  • getawaYz says:

    Could be better ,i save 1 tr

  • Neill Moore says:

    Rockin’ release

  • Substance says:

    SIIIIICK Wow, amazing production and some killer artists:):)

  • Limix says:

    oh fuck yes!

  • Afrikan Anarky says:

    Absolutely loving this album! Mo:Dem has such a stacked line-up and this show cases the talent nicely.
    Thanks :)

  • diego says:

    Excellent album, it reminded me a reaally old PC Game: Another World, for some unknown reason.

  • jithin says:

    Its just Wowwwww
    @ Tom meerkut

  • Jyro says:

    Awesome VA guys!! Of course, wherever i see Meerkut and Loose Connection tracks success is guaranteed!!

  • D.Rec says:

    Killer festival, killer music, killer VA

    Mo:Dem is simply the best !!!

  • Psyseas says:

    Scintillating psychedelics!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Absolutely KILLLAAAAAAA album!!!

    So glad I tried it. Haven’t heard anything above 146 bpm I’ve enjoyed but saw EVP on it so thought I’d give it the benefit of the doubt. SO glad I did!

    Thanks boys!! This album’s rocking my world! SO nice to have new, fresh sounds to listen to. Especially love the fun energy behind Maybe Tigers are Blue ;-D

    Mmmh! Think I might just put it on again! Adios Muchachos!

  • Nymphomania says:

    total dancefloor killers, absolutely badass thanks!

    now to find an occasion to flatten the floor with one of these :)


  • Nymphomania says:

    this album is in keeping with Sangoma and Peak records have been doing, my two favorite labels in psytrance

  • Afrikan Anarky says:

    Absolutely LOVE this album!!
    Can’t wait to experience MoDem for myself :)

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