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Broadband Pasuuna 4

More Music | May 14, 2007 | Posted by Basilisk

Broadband Pasuuna 4
01 :: Diippilaavu - Smyygian Stream
02 :: Galactic Disco - Tippoland
03 :: Karcinogen - Etsintä
04 :: Spider Silk vs Kirna - Boom China
05 :: Snyper feat. Shorty - Heavy Shit
06 :: Ronsu - Sweet and Sour
07 :: Oikeusjyvä - Yes I Didnt
08 :: Lemon Slide - Need a Hug
09 :: Pavel Svimba - Outer Bass
10 :: Tres Lost Amigos - Patong
11 :: Igor Swamp feat. Rozy - Rozy vs. Beavis
12 :: Salakavala vs Ocean - Onsen Machine
13 :: Ryhtiryhmä - Caramelli
14 :: Sora - Dirty

Antiscarp Records return with another unruly set of deeply weird tunes! Compiled by DJ Whiskey Baba, Broadband Pasuuna 4 is the latest in an ongoing series of compilations from Finland’s leading netlabel for homegrown electro-psychedelic sounds. Fat, wobbling, manic bass lines and strange chaotic noises can be heard all across this strange and unusual release. The Suomi-style (as it is known) is not for everyone–it rejects most of the unspoken rules of conventional psytrance and jets off in a completely different direction, incorporating a funky assortment of influences. This is for the mad ones, the wild ones… dance if you dare!

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  • andrew says:

    Splendid Album

  • Moxy says:

    I’ve been so looking forward to this! Thanks for the info and posting the link!

  • Snyper says:

    Yes this one rocks,also check out new EP coming soon …possible=D

  • Tagtraum says:

    nice album :)

  • RabidHummingbird says:

    i do declare – this is nothing short of a masterpiece!

    lord above!

  • LEOPARD says:

    this is so good……..

  • Motaburn says:

    fantastic compilation
    fell in love with track 2! (which the name of the artist is actually Arabic Coffee)

  • Max Martini says:

    I’m glad to find this release here on Ektoplazm… this is some strangely wonderful stuff!
    Antiscarp have made their back catalog a bit less than accessible and this was a much easier download than through their site…

    if you like what you hear on this collection– give the rest of their artists and releases a try– there are 49 other free releases available.
    I had made a few compilations of their tracks several years ago- and upon a recent listen, I re-realized just how good this music is! Very unique, but not as “out there and weird” as Ektoplazm may lead you to believe– superb production, interesting, and NEVER monotonous– three factors in which much of today’s netlabel psytrance (and music in general) can sometimes fall short…

  • Cynos says:

    Nice suomisaundi compilation (and psychedelia). The Rythirymä’s track is my favourte.