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Luomuhappo – Borealophitecus

More Music | October 28, 2005 | Posted by Basilisk

Luomuhappo – Borealophitecus
A1 :: Gatman
A2 :: Roosa Alisa Ja Osku Joi Mun Vikat Kossut
A3 :: Maailman Paras Jätkä
A4 :: Midihikipaja (Extended)
A5 :: Swamp Thing (Remix)

B1 :: Exploding Sausages
B2 :: Huuma 2003
B3 :: Festareilla Vol 1
B4 :: Lintukoto
B5 :: Suurmies Dub

Luomuhappo provides another serving of gratuitously weird Finnish music, courtesy of Freakdance Records. Borealophitecus is intended to be recorded to a cassette with long road trips in mind. There is even artwork perfectly proportioned for a tape insert! Breakbeats and funky bass compete for attention with disco serenades, a remix to The Grid’s Swamp Thing, and the theme from Pac-Man. The songwriting is nothing short of bonkers–just the sort of thing to entertain mental cases young and old. But don’t just listen to me… Freakdance’s own promo copy sez it best:

There comes a bang and a flash from the highest peak of the MP3-revolution and old-school C-cassette copying culture. Luomuhappo – a mediocre visionary in falsely entertaining crap, now outsources his production.

Twisted disco, gangsta-trance, folk music, neo-tracker sounds and spugedelia. Suomisaundi? The going is hulva and hulvaton, so to speak. Purist-humppa. Musical quotations and references to here and there, back and forward. Some think it’s pure shit – but let us accept it. The listening experience may be as long and hard as french baguette breads found from the dumpster.

As a hilarious company game, you can search for familiar samples and presets. Like a little child knows, so does Benoilmeer von Naapmerap Assaam know; moving things are more interesting than still ones, bright colours are nicer than darker ones, and a good fiiling is much more fun than bad.

But that’s why we and other apes as well have colour vision, so that we can see which one of the fruits is ripe. And a hearing so that we can identify shitty music. You can masturbate the ears, like you can masturbate the brain.

Everything should have come; Panmarklar EP, neo-roots EP, gangsta-trance EP and I think a few others as well. Nothing came, except the remains of numerous projects. Here, you’re welcome. The name of the package is Borealophitecus. Which means “the ape of the north”. The name could be “shame” as well, as a reference to Jouko Turkka’s book and theme.

The songs have been handily mastered to different volume levels, and just make sure, the mixing has been fucked up as well. One could do things the other way – if one could or managed to. Let alone had the interest. Home taping won’t kill music, but mp3 killed the tracker star. You can tape this to a cassette and hobby habby craft the covers yourself. Then it’s good for listening to in a car. I don’t own a cassette player myself – or a car. So now you have a good reason to lend a car from your mother and drive with your shorts on to a shorts festival – or to the nearest gas station to bang your pant suspenders.

Intrigued? You should be. Download links follow.

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