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Only By Promotion

More Music | August 27, 2007 | Posted by Basilisk

Only By Promotion
01 :: Inference - 9:20 a.m.
02 :: Inner Mind - Magix
03 :: Trancemission feat. Jey & eX - Mexican Jump
04 :: Lippsinc - Funky Town (Trancemission Radio Remix)
05 :: Trancemission - Fillin (Xahno Remix)
06 :: Jey & eX - Lima Limon
07 :: Zolarium - Charged
08 :: Ojos & Jiser - DeiaGroov
09 :: Hollogram - Coma
10 :: Basic Nova - Take Control

Only By Promotion is a free compilation from NebularHypott showcasing the progressive sounds of Mexico. Compiled by Ojos and Gandulk, this release features ten pumping tracks with influences ranging from Iboga-style progressive to dirty electro house. The beats are generally light and breezy, glazed in a spirited assortment of sizzling synth-lines and smooth atmospheric hooks. Blending crowd-pleasing cuts with deeper work, Only By Promotion is a well-rounded package designed to evoke the hot days of summer.

MP3 Download · Download count: 485.

Only By Promotion is available for download in 320k MP3 format direct from Ektoplazm as well as the NebularHypott homepage. WAVs may be forthcoming, but I hear the team is all set to go on a two month tour of Brazil, so it may be a while.

Update: there was an error in the zip; it is now fixed!


  • Rabbitfrog says:

    I found quite a few good tracks on this release, that is once I got past that obnoxious cover. Seriously, what gives? Bending over? Whatever. Thanks for the release though, if I am correct this is a first progressive LP on this site (excluding mixes by the host).

  • Psy Ned says:

    u better try the other albums like cosmo circle or budda mantra , me wont pay much attention to any proggy stuff

  • Rabbitfrog says:

    Sure, those have “quite a few good tracks” as well. Just the cover that didn’t do it for me on this one, feels like a car ad.

  • Psy Ned says:

    yea , it look like some racing video game shot or frame thou , some sort of need for speed

  • Psyentifica says:

    I enjoyed the cover and the compilation overall was ok, 2 stand out tracks:

    Inference – 9.20 am
    Basic Nova – Take Control

    I really appreciate this free release compilation, thank you. ^_^


  • Mr P says:

    That track do funky town….
    ideal for morning time