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2008 In Pictures

Photos | June 27, 2012 | Posted by Basilisk

Shakti: Fractal 2 Forest
Shakti: Fractal 2 Forest

Ekoplex @ Oya: Re-Naissance
Ekoplex @ Oya: Re-Naissance

Dharma Lab
Dharma Lab @ Outworld Resistance: Quintessence Unfurls

Quivering Virgin vs Shankar
Quivering Virgin vs Shankar @ Shakti: Meltdown

Oya: Re-Naissance
Oya: Re-Naissance, Peterborough

Oya: Ascent 3
Oya: Ascent 3, Peterborough

Plan B @ Oya: Re-Naissance
Plan B @ Oya: Re-Naissance

Ghreg On Earth
Ghreg On Earth @ Outworld Resistance: Quintessence Unfurls

Extermination Music Night 7
Extermination Music Night VII

UV Butterfly
UV Butterfly @ Shakti: Fractal 2 Forest

Cherry Blossom Party
Promise: Cherry Blossom Party


  • psy Ned says:

    nice pictures , my fav is uv butterfly , its beautiful

  • P5Y says:

    well … nice photos!

    I think that the most beautiful one is indeed the last photo with the kids playin , the man on the tree and all that light coming from above.. truly beautiful!
    The moment was definitely captured by the photographer in my honest opinion.. tnx for the gallery ^^

  • FHMU says:

    These are awesome! And 2008 ain’t over yet :)

  • myan says:

    да бабочка просто огонь,и ещё там в ангаре тоже подкидавающая )))

  • psywho says:

    So psy, nice pix u got there, and like they say, ain’t over yet, here in Guatemala is going 2 b on hell of a party on July 25th. Out of Time Festival. and it’s going 2 b on Magical land of Shrooms. Km. 19.5, if anybody can come, u won regret it. Rave del Castillo 2008 was a hell of a party and I hope this one will as good as the Castillo. 100% Micropunto <- very powerful LSD

  • silvana says:

    woa beautiful pics!!