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Lost Theory 2018

The Unreleased Goa Directory

Discogs is a great resource for everything that has been commercially released over the years, but what about all the long-lost tracks that were never cleared for one reason or another? Would it be possible to build a definitive guide to all the unreleased old school stuff that floated around on DAT back in the day?

I raised this question on the discussion forum for the Goa / Psy-Trance group on Discogs near the beginning of 2007. Since then, kwulf has expanded on the concept, opting for a clever use of the Discogs draft system to amalgamate the relevant information. Access to the directory is available from the user page for the UnreleasedGoa account; click on “Browse Collection” to get to the goods. Currently there are well over 300 tracks entered into the directory along with numerous samples. Total Eclipse, Psychaos, Crop Circles, Sandman, and Doof are among some of the more well-represented artists.

I wholeheartedly encourage collectors to come forward to contribute their expertise, and welcome old school fans to peruse the listings and have a taste of all that was lost over the years.

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