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TRiP Retrospective

TRiP was perhaps the most important psychedelic trance community on the web in the late nineties. Online from around 1996 until sometime in 2002, TRiP provided a virtual meeting place for trance fans from around the world to gather and interact. TRiP was primarily based around album and compilation reviews, but there were a number of other discussion topics open for visitors to leave their opinion. Event listings and a massive list of user-submitted links helped to stitch the web together in the formative years of the psychedelic trance counterculture.

TRiP often set the tone for the reception of new music–especially when stylistic conventions were undergoing drastic changes from established and accepted modes. The level of discourse was by no means academic—the web was a wild place in those days. As a result, the quality of the content varies widely from incoherent and abusive to somewhat more enlightening at times. Despite the ungainly mass of obsolete spam and other digital detritus, there is great historic value to much of TRiP’s user-submitted content.


Jason C and a small team of friends and cohorts administered the site until some time around the year 2000. After noticing the decrease in activity I spidered the site to make a personal backup. Now that TRiP’s original domain is long gone, I am providing access to my own copy of the site as a reference for collectors, historians, writers, and old Goa trance fans alike. Enter TRiP here!

Please note that the site is read-only since none of the scripting functionality works; you cannot leave new comments on a release! Iterative versions of the original TRiP web site are available from the Wayback Machine.