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Looking for older releases previously seen in the Ektoplazm catalogue? This is the place to find them! These releases are here because no lossless version is available. Visit the free music section for premium content!

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Calamar Audio – Suction Cup Mixes

More Music | September 25, 2007 | Posted by Basilisk

Calamar Audio – Suction Cup Mixes
01 :: Calick Cuise's (Horror Mix) (7:22)
02 :: Lahnalammen Kutukkaat (Doitser Mix) (7:46)
03 :: Knaibul (Toaster Mix) (7:40)

In honour of the release of the Tentacle Tubuc CD from Calamar Audio, Antiscarp Recordings is giving away a 3-track promotional single entitled Suction Cup Mixes. Behind this project is Ville Ruoho of Salakavala, working alongside friends such as Francoise Faggott, who makes a guest appearance on Lahnalammen Kutukkaat. Straying from the usual Suomi-style discodelic weirdness, this EP deals in deadly psychedelic grooves slathered in “slimy sounds from the deep waters of the Gulf of Finland.” Awaken the Kraken within; sample the sound of Calamar Audio with an order of Suction Cup Mixes!

MP3 Download · Download count: 712.

Suction Cup Mixes is available in 320k MP3 from Antiscarp, or you can conveniently download a single file direct from Ektoplazm. If you enjoy this free single, be sure to check out Tentacle Tubuc, soon to be available from Freakdance, Saikosounds, and PsyBuy. For related content here on Ektoplazm, visit the Antiscarp profile.

Only By Promotion

More Music | August 27, 2007 | Posted by Basilisk

Only By Promotion
01 :: Inference - 9:20 a.m.
02 :: Inner Mind - Magix
03 :: Trancemission feat. Jey & eX - Mexican Jump
04 :: Lippsinc - Funky Town (Trancemission Radio Remix)
05 :: Trancemission - Fillin (Xahno Remix)
06 :: Jey & eX - Lima Limon
07 :: Zolarium - Charged
08 :: Ojos & Jiser - DeiaGroov
09 :: Hollogram - Coma
10 :: Basic Nova - Take Control

Only By Promotion is a free compilation from NebularHypott showcasing the progressive sounds of Mexico. Compiled by Ojos and Gandulk, this release features ten pumping tracks with influences ranging from Iboga-style progressive to dirty electro house. The beats are generally light and breezy, glazed in a spirited assortment of sizzling synth-lines and smooth atmospheric hooks. Blending crowd-pleasing cuts with deeper work, Only By Promotion is a well-rounded package designed to evoke the hot days of summer.

MP3 Download · Download count: 490.

Only By Promotion is available for download in 320k MP3 format direct from Ektoplazm as well as the NebularHypott homepage. WAVs may be forthcoming, but I hear the team is all set to go on a two month tour of Brazil, so it may be a while.

Update: there was an error in the zip; it is now fixed!

Nolax – Persistence 2.0

More Music | August 2, 2007 | Posted by Basilisk

Nolax – Persistence 2.0
01 :: Intro 5:44
02 :: Pareidolia 10:43
03 :: We Already Were On Mars 7:18
04 :: Androids Do Dream 8:23
05 :: Autofab 7:59
06 :: Confusion 9:49
07 :: Lepton Head (Remix of Shakta) 7:09
08 :: We Are The Spoon 6:15
09 :: Silence Of The Drums 7:56
10 :: Aggression 7:45

Austrian producer Nolax (Christoph Mitsch) independently released his debut album Persistence back in February of 2007. After receiving an abundance of positive feedback from listeners around the world, Nolax returned to his studio to polish and tweak his creation. Persistence 2.0 is the result: a new version of the original release featuring additional bonus material and improved sound quality.

Persistence 2.0 is firmly entrenched in the old school revivalist movement. Nolax draws upon the Eastern mystique of mid-nineties Goa trance while composing fluttering cosmic melodies and luscious atmospheric panoramas. Nowhere is this more evident than in his remake of Shakta’s classic song Lepton Head, originally released in 1996. As a result, this album emanates a genuine quality that is sure to be appreciated by all fans of old school Goa trance.

MP3 Download · Download count: 11,867.

If you enjoy this album be sure to provide some feedback! Nolax can be reached at nolax@quantentunnel.de.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


More Music | May 22, 2007 | Posted by Basilisk

01 :: Psylent - Planeta Tierra
02 :: Pshenika - The Moon Is Gradually Moving Away From The Earth
03 :: M3nos - Trancescore
04 :: Jicuri Sense - Energia Dimensional
05 :: Plaxius - Twisted Dreams
06 :: Undertaker - Dead People
07 :: Newstate - That Goblin Laugh
08 :: Erofex - Dont Walk
09 :: Overhuman Project - A Hope Into Light
10 :: Dark Fox - (Ctrl+Alt+Supr)

Curious to hear what is brewing in Latin America? With fresh new acts from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, and Mexico, the sound of Hispanodelia runs the gamut from full-on to dark and heavy psychedelic trance. It is fairly diverse; there is even a bit of chill out. This promotional release is freely available in 320k MP3 format.

The release package seems to be offline in some places, so try grabbing it from archive.org or neurotrance.org

MP3 Download · Download count: 231.

Broadband Pasuuna 4

More Music | May 14, 2007 | Posted by Basilisk

Broadband Pasuuna 4
01 :: Diippilaavu - Smyygian Stream
02 :: Galactic Disco - Tippoland
03 :: Karcinogen - Etsintä
04 :: Spider Silk vs Kirna - Boom China
05 :: Snyper feat. Shorty - Heavy Shit
06 :: Ronsu - Sweet and Sour
07 :: Oikeusjyvä - Yes I Didnt
08 :: Lemon Slide - Need a Hug
09 :: Pavel Svimba - Outer Bass
10 :: Tres Lost Amigos - Patong
11 :: Igor Swamp feat. Rozy - Rozy vs. Beavis
12 :: Salakavala vs Ocean - Onsen Machine
13 :: Ryhtiryhmä - Caramelli
14 :: Sora - Dirty

Antiscarp Records return with another unruly set of deeply weird tunes! Compiled by DJ Whiskey Baba, Broadband Pasuuna 4 is the latest in an ongoing series of compilations from Finland’s leading netlabel for homegrown electro-psychedelic sounds. Fat, wobbling, manic bass lines and strange chaotic noises can be heard all across this strange and unusual release. The Suomi-style (as it is known) is not for everyone–it rejects most of the unspoken rules of conventional psytrance and jets off in a completely different direction, incorporating a funky assortment of influences. This is for the mad ones, the wild ones… dance if you dare!

MP3 Download · Download count: 922.